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London Real began life as a video podcast in 2011 on YouTube.

We have gone on to produce feature-length documentaries and launch the London Real Academy offering courses designed to improve your health, wealth and wellbeing.

Brian Rose, its founder and host, has now interviewed over 600 guests including Priyanka Chopra, Dan Bilzerian, Marianne Williamson and Neil Degrasse-Tyson.

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We publish video content every day on London Real. By curating people worth watching, we bring the greatest minds on the planet to your TV, computer or mobile device. Watch our shows or listen to the podcast.

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IRONMIND * - The Movie
Ido Portal - Just Move - FULL MOVIE
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We interview guests who have transformed their lives. Whether in mind, body, health or wealth. London Real seeks to discover what drives  people and makes them extraordinary. It’s not about passive watching or listening. It’s about learning, growing and transforming yourself.


We Cover Everything from Ayahuasca to Yoga and Business to Sex (Without the BS).

We cover a huge range of topics with guests who often challenge conventions. With over 500 guests and with interviews between one and five hours in length, you won’t be stuck for something to intrigue your mind and challenge your perspective on the world. There’s a lot to discover inside London Real.
Whether you’re looking for the science behind the latest new diet, an explanation of CBD for personal use or investment, a discussion of cutting-edge technologies or to learn the habits of a high-performing yoga expert, we’ve got you covered. Our long-form interviews allow guests to go deep on their story and share their expertise. Be inspired to Transform Yourself.


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