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If you’re a small business owner yourself and are wondering how to effectively advertise your services, then you’ll want to stick around. We interview guests like Rory Sutherland, Ryan Holiday, Oliviero Toscani, and Giles Palmer to give you better insight into advertising.

Get Into People’s Heads

How do you expect to be successful at advertising if you can’t get into people’s heads? You can no longer just take a scatter-gun approach to this, after all.

We spoke with Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Rory Sutherland, who’s co-founded a behavioural science practice. In fact, he specialises in consumer behaviour, which means he definitely has some gems of wisdom you can use to capture your audience.

We also chatted with entrepreneur and marketer Ryan Holiday. He’s the author of “Trust Me, I’m Lying” and “Growth Hacking”. Holiday is a master at manipulating mass media, which has helped him propel his business massively.

If you can understand exactly what your prospective customers want, then they’ll definitely be delighted if you can provide them with that.

Make a Connection With Your Audience

The most important thing to do when advertising is to make a real connection with your audience. If you can prove to them you’re not just spouting the regular things that other companies do, then that might just be enough to choose your brand over others.

We talked with CEO of Brandwatch Giles Palmer to get an idea of what big data really means. Brandwatch is one of the (few) companies that have early access to Twitter Firehose, which gives them full access to real-time tweets.

Palmer gives us some insider info on how your brand can create meaningful conversations with your intended audience. By getting this right, it can be invaluable in not only gaining customers, but also retaining them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unique With Your Advertising

There’s a difference between thinking outside of the box because you truly want to and doing so just for the shock factor. Consumers can tell if you’re doing the latter, so don’t force it.

But if you feel the need to flex your creativity and uniqueness, don’t be afraid to do so. It can pay off quite well if you execute it correctly.

We had a chat with award-winning Italian photographer and creative pioneer Oliviero Toscani. He’s received 4 Golden Lions at Cannes and has worked with brands like Toyota, Chanel, and Benetton.

What makes his style so amazing is that he’s a “professional provocateur”. He’s taken risks to provoke dialogue. For instance, he used images of AIDS patients and death row prisoners in advertising to get people talking.

If there’s anyone you should take advertising advice from, it’s Toscani. You’ll get people talking about you, for sure.


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