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Here at London Real, we’ve been exploring the world of psychedelics from the beginning. From the health benefits to life-changing effects of them, we’re interested in how psychedelics and particularly the plant medicine Ayahuasca can improve our lives. From curing PTSD to altering human consciousness, join us as we learn from Ayahuasca proponents like Dorian Yates, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, and Dennis McKenna.

Ayahuasca, long considered the preserve of shamans and other spiritual journeys, has entered the mainstream in the past five years as more and more people learn about how this powerful psychedelic effects can help with addiction and depression. But what exactly is ayahuasca? And how does it work? Join us as we learn from the leading experts in this plant medicine.

Kill Your Fears and Alter Your Consciousness

With guests including Dennis McKenna, an ethnopharmacologist and author with a focus on the use of psychedelic substances, we explore how Amazonian tribes have used Ayahuasca for thousands of years for religious purposes in Peru, Brazil and other parts of South America.

We talk to Ross Edgley, the wild man and athlete adventurer who swam around the island of Great Britain, and who used ayahuasca to cure his fear of spiders.

And best selling author Graham Hancock, who believes that all politicians should be required to drink ayahuasca ten times before taking office.

We also sit down with Marianne Williamson, the American author, spiritual leader, politician, and activist who does not hold back from addressing difficult topics. From Ayahuasca to her thoughts on Donald Trump and even about her feelings on death, there’s nothing she steers clear of.

Ayahuasca as a Teacher

Learn from Simon Powell, the author and filmmaker, who believes that mushrooms and other entheogens like Ayahuasca have a rich, noble history. And that they get a bad rap in the West because they haven’t integrated them into our culture properly.

Ayahuasca and Elite Athletes

Or join Dan Hardy the MMA fighter, as he discusses the effect his open use of Ayahuasca has had on his career, and how ayahuasca has helped him figure out who he really is.

We also sit down with Dorian Yates, the six-time Mr. Olympia, who has also become an outspoken advocate for plant medicine and Ayahuasca. Dorian is an inspiration and person we look to for guidance, he hosts his own week-long Ayahuasca retreats in Costa Rica and is also featured in our feature-length documentary film “Reconnect”, which follows Brian Rose as he travels to Costa Rica to do three consecutive ayahuasca ceremonies.


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