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Wim Hof - The Iceman: Breathe Motherf*cker! How To Master Your Human Potential

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Wim Hof is AKA the “Ice Man” who holds the world record for the longest ice bath, lasting over 1 hour and 52 minutes, and 20 other world records for feats performed while withstanding the cold. He has climbed Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro in just shorts and shoes. Wim’s Method enables him to control his core body temperature and immune system, and can be learned by anyone. His ultimate goals are to end all disease; to facilitate a paradigm shift towards health; to promote care for our planet; and to bring back love and happiness for all people by encouraging them to get in touch with the cold. Wim plans to do this all, under the scrutiny of science.


00:00 Trailer.
03:02 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:21 Brian’s introduction.
05:10 Wim explains why he thinks his breathing technique and cold water method has become so popular.
10:38 Breathing techniques used to control the immune system and mental illness.
15:44 We are “civilised to death” and need to learn to regulate our own bodies from within to combat stress.
27;52 Wim demonstrates one round of breathing with Brian.
38:24 The awful event which led Wim to the discovery of his breathing technique and its health benefits.
44:55 How he came to understand and develop his breathing technique.
48:37 A cold shower in the morning keeps the doctor away.
59:44 Wim is currently studying DNA and telomeres
1:05:26 The importance of sound.
1:16:36 Don’t be afraid to challenge your conscious mind.
1:20:41 The strangest thing he has found himself doing in the last few years.
1:22:59 Wim’s mission.
1:23:56 What happens at Wim’s retreat.
1:30:44 What he wants to achieve in the next five years.
1:32:10 It would be better to use Wim Hof’s methods rather than medicine and modern technology
1:34:31 Is he worried for the future of the world.
1:36:11 What scares him.
1:38:11 Success secrets.
1:38:56 Best advice he ever received.
1:41:08 Advice to the young people listening, born into a world of toxicity and stress.
1:43:23 Brian’s summing up.


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