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Jocko Willink - Lessons From War

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00:00 | Trailer.
02:25 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:43 | What leadership means.
04:24 | Life lessons.
05:43 | Welcome aboard HMS Belfast.
08:06 | War is hell.
09:45 | War is a teacher.
10:58 | Don’t quit; no one knows who’s going to ring that bell.
14:34 | Human nature; be aware of the evil out there and its capacity to emerge.
19:59 | No one wishes for peace more than those who have been to war.
21:35 | Extreme ownership; lesson learnt in Ramadi applies in everyday life.
27:22 | Band of brothers; powerfully Jocko shows he doesn’t need to act this, he embodies it.
30:15 | Warrior kid; why Jocko writes children’s books.
32:33 | We will never forget; remember me, remember what I sacrificed …
37:20 | Jocko’s words of advice to those struggling in life.


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