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Studying just one aspect of the human body can take a lifetime of marvellous exploration. We’ve had guests that have dedicated their lives to understanding human biology and physiology. Dr. Joe Dispenza approaches neuroscience from the standpoint of your brain’s ability to heal you and add vision to your life. Wim Hof explores the link between the respiratory system and the brain, heart and all other organs. Learning about the human body is the key to unlocking power in your life.

Pushing The Paradigms of Human Biology

When you look into studying the human body, we’re talking about close to 40 trillion cells, for starters. Understanding how these cells create tissues, muscles, organs and body systems work together is one of life’s miracles. Whether your interests lean more toward guests like movement expert Ido Portal or Brazilian jiu-jitsu master and cannabis advocate Eddie Bravo, we have countless guests that will push your paradigms when you’re thinking about the human body.

The Mind of the Human Body

Everything that we accomplish in the human body starts in the mind.

As such, you’ll want to tune into guests that challenge your understanding of the mind, such as Dr Joe Dispenza and his philosophy on training the subconscious, and Dennis McKenna’s embrace of psychedelic medicine and the human body’s endocannabinoid system.

You will also want to look into Elliott Hulse, who discusses the link between the mind and the body, and how becoming the highest version of yourself is a virtue that everyone should strive to meet.

A Fitness Perspective

We’ve had a number of guests that discuss fitness and bodybuilding have changed their lives.

Rich Roll and John Joseph run IRONMAN races and ultra-marathons while adhering to a strictly plant-based diet. Klaus Yohannes is a martial artist that lives the lifestyle through and through with his Black Viking movement.

These people take a warrior perspective when it comes to pushing the limitations of the human body, and living a life of truly living up to their fullest potential.

Understanding Nutritional Value

John Joseph credits both his physical ability and spiritual peace to the fact that he lives a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. This allows him to eat food that is clean and nourishing and provides him with plenty of energy to get through every aspect of his training.

Food is the fuel that makes the human body go, so it’s of the utmost importance that you feed your body what it needs to thrive. You will be better for it across the board and will love the way that you feel each day.

Stay tuned for more self-improvement content that will help you get the most out of your mind and body.


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