With guests including Andreas Antonopoulos, Ivan Mazour, Max Keiser, and Teeka Tiwari, we explore how crypto and the blockchain are being used in the world of finance. Join us as we learn everything from the basics of Bitcoin, to what the future of money will look like.

The Future of Money

Here at London Real, we’ve been interested in the world of cryptocurrency since 2013. And we know the financial landscape is changing. From impending financial crashes to new financial opportunities, the world cryptocurrency is complex, and just opening up. If you’re looking for advice on how to invest intelligently in crypto or would like to know the history and technology behind blockchain, join us as we talk to experts in the crypto space.

Investing in Your Future

From understanding how to dollar cost average your way into a coin investment, to only investing in crypto projects that solve a real problem, the world of cryptocurrency investing can be complex if you don’t have the right information. Join our guests as we discuss how some cryptocurrency is anonymous, decentralised and secure and why Facebook’s Libra coin is very different from Bitcoin.

Learn from Teeka Tiwari, former Wall Street trader turned cryptocurrency expert whose crypto research service is the highest returning advisory in the 35-year history of independent financial publishing. Teeka guides us through Fiat currencies, Ethereum, and the NEO coin and where and how to invest with minimal risk.

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Biocurrency

We deep dive into the history of Bitcoin and learn from Andreas Antonopoulos, the best-selling author, speaker, educator and one of the world’s foremost cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. Andreas believes cryptocurrency is the future of money, and he tours the world relentlessly advocating for greater privacy and freedom in our financial lives through the use of crypto.

Learn from Ivan Mazour of Ometria, the E-commerce, big data specialist and Bitcoin fanatic. Ivan sits down with Brian to talk about everything from the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Silk Road, Bitcoin, Litecoin, the Dark Wallet, and when large banks & corporates will start to adopt and use cryptocurrencies.


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