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Meet our Graduates

London Real graduates share their experiences of Academy programs and tell you about the impact London Real Academy mentorship and tuition had on their lives.

Graduate Testimonials


“If you have a dream that you can work from anywhere in the world, I’m proof that this is possible!”


“I can take what I’ve learned at the Business Accelerator and apply it to innumerable business models or different businesses.”


”It’s great value you create, with such an inspiring group.”

Find out from graduates of the London Real Academy about the value of live coaching and mentorship from Brian Rose in our intensive 8-week programs provide the guidance and accountability you need to succeed.

Business Accelerator

Graduates of Business Accelerator share their experience that the program played in their path to launching or growing a profitable business. Our program helps you refine your business idea, identify your audience and provides the practical steps to enable your business success.

Speak to Inspire

Speak to Inspire graduates share their journey towards captivating their audience, to promote a cause or market their business. Our program uses insights and strategies developed by Brian Rose over 9 years of interviews and his own experience as a TED Talk speaker.

Life Accelerator

These Life Accelerator graduates tell you about working closely with Brian Rose to learn the high performance habits of our most successful guests. Our program shares insights and secrets gained from interviews with over 500 guests including some of the world’s most influential thinkers and business leaders.

Broadcast Yourself

See how these graduates of Broadcast Yourself learnt to launch a world class podcast, turning their passion into a business. Our highly practical 8-week program shows you how to build an audience, connect with influencers and turn it into a lucrative source of income.

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Cyrpto & DeFi Accelerator

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Investment Club

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Life Accelerator

Broadcast Yourself

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