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Put simply, mindfulness can be described as a form of meditation, a way of focusing our awareness on the present moment. Join us as our industry experts give their thoughts on mindfulness and how we can tap into this state.

Success and the Power of Positive Thinking

Join us as we talk with Mimi Ikonn, a renowned author, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer. From her traumatic childhood in Azerbaijan to the success of her Luxy Hair brand, she has much to say on the power of mindfulness and the art of practising gratitude. Mimi openly discusses how her dreams and visions turned to reality, using the power of positive thinking. Her honesty shines through as she reveals her struggles with depression and anxiety. Brian Rose encourages her fascinating thoughts on how everyone can design their dream life with the power of manifestation and working towards success.

We sit down for a fascinating discussion with Dr Joe Dispenza, a New York Times bestselling author, educator and corporate consultant. His views on each person’s potential for greatness reveals an insight into the use of a dominant future mindset for success in any field. Listen to his thoughts on unlocking the human mind and how we need to focus on the present driving away hatred and fear. Discover how affirmations, visualisation and meditation can help you give back to society. Brian Rose lets him share why he believes that fundamentally people are wired to care for one another, and how you can achieve this nurturing nature.

Improving Life with Spirituality and Raised Consciousness

Listen to Gregg Braden as he joins us for a frank discussion on science and spirituality. Gregg is undoubtedly a pioneer when it comes to marrying the art of ancient wisdom with modern science. This thought-provoking and far-reaching interview include such diverse topics as global warming, relationships and the secret to success. Listen as Brian Rose encourages his thoughts on why we are drawn to similar people, and why we can learn from the Shamans of the past. He shares his thinking on the threat of Artificial Intelligence but ends on a note of positivity and self-empowerment.

Join us for an in-depth interview with Dandapani, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, but above all, a Hindu priest. Learn his thoughts on how to raise your consciousness, and discover the spiritual tools he employs, and how you can use them to become a better person. Enjoy his discussion with Brian Rose on the purpose of life, why you should have no regrets and the power of affirmations. Hear Dandapani reveal how to work with your past, and be inspired by his genuine motivation.


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