Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow – FULL MOVIE – London Real

Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow – FULL MOVIE

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Soundtrack By:
DJ Sadhu
Parra For Cuva (Guesstimate music /Project Mooncircle)
Mighty Mystics
Patrick Douglas
SkyRide Records
Ayahuasca visuals by TAS

00:00 Brian’s introduction
06:16 Brian goes in search of what it takes to be six times Mr Olympia.
08:51 Having a purpose and training beyond your comfort zone.
13:06 It’s a notorious leg day and Dorian puts Brian through it.
16:03 Steroid use in bodybuilding.
18:07 Brian learns the secret of success.
20:50 Dorian’s 10 years of total dedication to building his body
24:15 How the young Dorian started to build the dream.
32:06 The beginning of the end of the dream.
34:52 Facing life without his accustomed goal.
37:18 Excessive hedonistic partying.
41:59 Balanced attitude to fame and celebrity.
43:55 Dorian’s use of psychoactive drugs.
52:26 Becoming a new man.
58:30 Physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation.
1:02:36 Dorian is pleased to have found freedom to move on.
1:03:31 Brian keeps his promise.
1:06:31 Gaining good vibrations.
1:07:63 Dorian reflects on what life is all about.
1:10:27 “Yates has lost the plot”. Yes he has and he’s glad.
1:11:48 No easy ride with Dorian.
1:13:05 Dorian congratulates Brian’s achievements.
1:13:50 Keep an open mind and be receptive to change.
1:16:29 What Dorian has taught Brian.

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I just saw the video, such a great insperation. I was a body builder and for the last 15 years, I was looking for a change in my life. What Dorian did in his life, gave me the right inspiration for looking at my inner self, cause I thought I was lost.
Thank you for posting this video, Dorian was the person to look at durin my training days.


good job

Kory Singh

Next level- beautiful videography


We try our best. Thanks a lot 🙂


This is amazing thank you London Real. I did not know who Dorian was before I watched this but what an inspiration!!


I love these videos. Dorian Yates is so down to earth and I love hearing his views and how he’s has changed in various times of his life. love the way the content is so unrestricted and everything is up for discussion. Keep keeping it real.


Yeah he’s a special person. A fascinating combination of physical strength, mental strength, wisdom and open mindedness. I also love the fact that he’s so open about discussing the ups and downs of his life.


Life is short. Live life to the fullest. We just don’t have to view the outside scenes from the inside of our own windows…our confined world….go outside and explore the vast reality of the real world bearing in mind to pick up all the good ones and do good to all we venture given the opportunity.


Wise words 🙂


Amazing documentary! Very interesting subjects that you talked about and a several experiences that I can relate to. Its amazing to see how a different mindset can change your life in a few years. It was also nice to hear Mike Mentzer’s name mentioned a few times. Thank you for this documentary!


“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” – Albert Einstein
Absolute thumbs up to Dorian and the crew for spreading positive vibrations that awaken the spirit inside all of us.


I have been an amateur bodybuilder since the age of 14-I’m now 49- and have idolised DY since a very early age. This film was riveting enlightening and refreshing. Whilst I have never reached the heights he has within this field I see where he is coming from purely from a ‘life’ perspective. Apart from the dope smoking 😉 There are many parallels and lessons to take from this


thank you very much that was very touching be personally passionate with bodybuilding you broth a great view and the best documentary in that field
all the best from Israel

Thanks for the movie. It is different than what I expected for some reasons. I feel the interviews went deeper into the subject matter and I expected more of that, but the movie goes deeper in to the man and how he lives his life. A kind of teaching by example. He seems so at peace now, even though something still lingers that I’m sure he will get even further along next time you guys catch up to him. And how you two connect is a great watch. Do you think one has to be financially free to really go… Read more »
Rosemarie Rosete

Beautifully done. I was a Dorian Yates fan when he was Mr. Olympia. I remember him being a mystery and a great champion. He has evolved and developed well past physique. He is even more awesome now. Thank you Brian. Great connection between you guys.


“If your identity isnt serving you maybe it’s time to let it go” a ‘real’ inspirational quote , & i hope to see more of Dorians evolution on London real over the coming years , thank you to all involved ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Michael Wright

Watched both the original interviews with Dorian and was absolutely spellbound by them. The film is fantastic, fascinating insight into a genuinely interesting person’s life, felt a real connection with the ideas and philosophies Dorian speaks of.


Awesome interview, nice to see the Shadow step out of the shadow.


This got me on board with London Real… Thank you Dorian, you are a legend. Thanks you two for opening my eyes up

Sanka Coffee


Mindaugas Masiulis

Wow. What a brilliant documentary. Really enjoyed it. Will watch it again for sure. Thank you.

Steel Chambers
I could relate. I never missed the gym in about 12-15 years straight…True..It’s the attention one gets from looking beastly. People treat you different, You get lots of freebies and you feel invincible. I bet the reason why Dorian feels better in Spain is because he broke out of that gloomy routine in London…Moving away, Not only gave him new energy but also our great sun give us energy. He needed to get in the sun as well. I watched Dorian for he first time in person guest posing in Brooklyn NY.Y at a highschool auditorium around 1996 I believe… Read more »

Really enjoyed the film. Raises a lot of questions about identity and ego as people age. For someone of Dorian’s notoriety in the bobybuilding community to talk so honestly about his personal battles with depression is very refreshing. The man is a shining example that change is possible, both mentally and spiritually.