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Dorian Yates - Inside The Shadow


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Dorian and I created this movie so our message could reach as many people as possible.

We hope you are inspired to change yourself and help us create change in the world. Please Share everywhere! 🙂

One Love, One Heart.

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00:00 | Brian’s introduction
06:16 | Brian goes in search of what it takes to be six times Mr Olympia.
08:51 | Having a purpose and training beyond your comfort zone.
13:06 | It’s a notorious leg day and Dorian puts Brian through it.
16:03 | Steroid use in bodybuilding.
18:07 | Brian learns the secret of success.
20:50 | Dorian’s 10 years of total dedication to building his body
24:15 | How the young Dorian started to build the dream.
32:06 | The beginning of the end of the dream.
34:52 | Facing life without his accustomed goal.
37:18 | Excessive hedonistic partying.
41:59 | Balanced attitude to fame and celebrity.
43:55 | Dorian’s use of psychoactive drugs.
52:26 | Becoming a new man.
58:30 | Physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation.
1:02:36 | Dorian is pleased to have found freedom to move on.
1:03:31 | Brian keeps his promise.
1:06:31 | Gaining good vibrations.
1:07:63 | Dorian reflects on what life is all about.
1:10:27 | “Yates has lost the plot”. Yes he has and he’s glad.
1:11:48 | No easy ride with Dorian.
1:13:05 | Dorian congratulates Brian’s achievements.
1:13:50 | Keep an open mind and be receptive to change.
1:16:29 | What Dorian has taught Brian.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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