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We all have questions about the meaning of life. Our guests have spoken at length about the human condition and are constant desire to learn about the spirit and what lies behind our comprehension. Guest Nic Gabriel discussed at length how a psychedelic journey changed his life, and Wim Hof teaches breathing exercises that can allow us to receive such experiences without the aid of psychedelics. Consider the following information to learn all about embracing the spirit.

It’s clear that we are in the midst of a plant medicine revolution. Studies suggest that several people all over the world rely on various herbal medicines to heal them in a variety of ways. Many of our guests have used psychedelic plant medicine like ayahuasca to have spiritual life discoveries.

What’s more, meditation, breathing, yoga and several other practices have brought people within and closer to spirit. Here’s what you need to know about walking this path, and what has worked for some of our guests.

Meditation is Key – Find a Practice That Suits You

Meditation has been shown to have amazing healing properties. Studies show that meditation not only allows people to have clearer focus and higher brain activity but also a better-working immune system, less depression and a higher sense of belonging to life and the universe that they exist within.

Guests like Joe Dispenza use meditation not only to assist his brain neurons in wiring together but to also seek deeper spiritual purpose and to manifest his many life visualisations. Other guests like Gregg Braden and Mimi Ikonn discuss at length how a life of mindfulness has helped them overcome trauma and build a life of their choosing.

When you can calm the mind, you can also transcend its limitations and more easily and effortless tap into the flow states that lead to fulfilment and spiritual experiences.

Delve Deeper Into the Spirit

Our spirit speaks a language that you often have to pay attention to if you want to hone your intuition. Dennis McKenna specialises in and teaches the power of psychedelic medicine for having such experiences. He is the brother of Terence McKenna, who paved the way for this type of research.

By taking psychedelic plant medicine like ayahuasca and DMT, we find greater access to the pineal gland in order to have intense visualisations that can lead to life changes. This sort of plant medicine is rooted in spiritual practices that should only be carried out under the guidance of shamans who have spent years learning their craft.

It is up to you to keep seeking information so that you are able to learn all that you can about spirituality in a way that makes the most sense for you.


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