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Making better choices is something that we are all capable of with a little help. We talk to experts including Nir Eyal, Nathalie Nahai, and Eddie Obeng about the importance of better decision making, how the distractions of modern life can get in the way of good decision making, and the power of no.

Choosing Wisely: How to Make Better Decisions and Live Your Best Life

Learning how to make better decisions is a teachable skill. Todd Herman is an American author, speaker, and performance coach. He has worked with everyone from Olympic athletes to corporate CEOs. His best selling book “The Alter Ego Effect” teaches people how to activate their Heroic Self to achieve high performance. Todd talks to us about the concept of the Heroic Self and the number of alter egos that he has in his own life. He also reveals to us the decisions he made when overcoming challenges in his own life, such as depression and abuse.

The Cost of Your Decisions

We’ve all made bad decisions when it comes to money. We speak to Dan Ariely, a world-renowned behavioural economist, and three-time New York Times best-selling author about how to avoid poor economic decisions. We learn more about his latest book, “Small Change – Money Mishaps and How To Avoid Them” as he talks about how we think about money, the fallacies that surround it, and what to do with it. We also learn about his painful experience of suffering extensive burns, and how that changed him and the way he makes decisions.

Getting Things Done

David Allen is a productivity consultant who is best known for developing the time-management method called Getting Things Done, or GTD. The key elements of this method are getting tasks out of your head and into the real world by writing them down and then breaking them up into actionable parts. David talks to us about how he developed the GTD system and how it works. We learn how we need to make action decisions when we’re smart so that when we’re dumb, we still do smart things. He also talks about the reasons that people procrastinate, and how using GTD can help.

On the subject of procrastination, we also sit down with James Clear, the writer, entrepreneur, speaker and New York Times best-selling author. He has educated millions of readers on the importance of habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement. He explains to us how bad habits tend to stick as well as offering some practical advice on how to start forming good habits. We also learn how gamification can help us to make better decisions when it comes to our habits.


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