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The healthcare industry in the UK alone employs more than 3 million people and the industry is experiencing unprecedented growth thanks to the revolutionary advancements on medicine. Not only is the field growing, but we are learning more about what it means to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. We’ve had many guests offer amazing information that is continuously evolving the medical conversation in the world.

Expect to See More Holistic Medicine

Without question, the idea of treating medicine as total wellness, rather than segmented care, is becoming increasingly popular. As such, certain methods, like meditation, acupuncture and other matters are being given more credence.

Wim Hof is a former guest that has presented breathing exercises that can keep you from getting sick, promote brain health, and gives your body the vitality that you need in your organs.

Mantak Chia is a Taoist master and teacher who has spoken extensively about such holistic medicine, and how wellness is all about balance and mastering the body’s energy centres. On various episodes, he has spoken about being multi-orgasmic and how storing and releasing sexual energy is a key to health and life as a whole.

Fitness and Mental Health Will Become a Bigger Focus

Mental health is being taken more seriously than ever in this day and age, and rightfully so. People are depressed and suicidal and seeking answers on why they aren’t fulfilled in life.

Former Navy SEAL David Goggins has spoken about his own mental health issues when he was a guest. Goggins uses gruelling physical challenges as a means of finding out who you are, processing your mental health and developing unshakeable self-esteem. He speaks about his life struggles and how he overcame them in our episode and his best-selling book, “Can’t Hurt Me”.

Expect both fitness and mental health to continuously lead the charge when it comes to medical care.

Cannabis and Psychedelics Will Be Increasingly Legitimised as Medicine

While the pharmaceutical industry is huge, some more natural remedies are being taken seriously.

Medical cannabis is becoming more commonplace across the world. Cannabis is known to help with everything from pain relief to many forms of cancer. Since it is becoming legal all over the world, it gives scientists the green light to truly get the most out of this plant from a medical perspective.

Extensive research has also shown that psilocybin mushrooms help people with things like depression, PTSD and a host of other issues.

Dennis McKenna, a psychedelics advocate and researcher, has been a guest on the show and has spoken extensively about how these substances are absolutely medicine. He explains that the reason they are highly illegal has nothing to do with the health and safety of the average citizen, and instead are more about government bureaucracy.

Dennis is the brother of the late Terence McKenna, who is considered by many to be the godfather of psychedelic, psychedelic research and advocacy.

As you can see, these talking points are central to the future of medicine as we know it. Be sure to stay tuned to hear our other guests speak extensively about these sorts of topics.


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