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Many London Real guests have delved into different aspects of the brain. Dr Joe Dispenza, for instance, has made a living “hacking” his brain to unlock more of its potential and espouses several principles and practices that help people every day. Jim Kwik focuses more on things like memory and uses a series of exercises to sharpen the mind. Diving into our neuroscience episodes below, you’re guaranteed to unearth countless nuggets and unique perspectives.

The Brain as an Adaptive Tool

Dr Joe Dispenza and Taoist Master Mantak Chia agree on the point that your brain is essentially a horse that can do your bidding if you train it properly. Dispenza happens to look at it from a more scientific standpoint, while Mantak Chia takes a spiritual approach.

Either way, they agree that the mind is an adaptive tool that offers healing and that it is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. As such, Joe Dispenza has a number of visualisation techniques that help people to map out their futures and fix their current hangups.

Working With Your Brain to Optimise It, and Your Life

Neuroscience also has plenty of studies that show you can literally use your brain to change your life. In fact, there’s a saying that Joe Dispenza often quotes – “The neurons that wire together, fire together”. What this means is that if you create a mental habit in your life, by scientific law, it’s going to stick. With this in mind, you can purposefully “change your mind” in a way that gives you a better life.

Wim Hof likewise has a philosophy about hacking his mind, but his involves breathing. By accessing the body’s parasympathetic nervous system through deep and deliberate breathing, a person can move through the stress response that has their brain paralysed or fleeing in fear with damaging or anxiety-riddled thoughts and narratives.

No matter which aspects of neuroscience excite you the most, you would be leaving something powerful on the table to not use this research as an opportunity to change your life.

Make sure to keep checking back for more life-changing guests that offer fascinating information on neuroscience.


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