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The Investment Club has been created to:

  1. Teach you how to identify, understand and invest in early stage, pre-sale tokens
  2. Give you exclusive access to the hottest early stage deals in crypto

The Investment Club is an exclusive opportunity for those who are willing to fight resistance and take action in order to build the decentralised financial infrastructure of the future. This product will require your direct attention and full participation.

Now before we get started, let me ask you a question.

Did you get invited to the Series A Investment Round in Facebook back on May 1st, 2005? If you did, your investment would now be worth 75,000 times more. Imagine if you had invested just 4 ETH. 

You’d be a billionaire today.

But I know you didn’t. So why?

Yes, you are a savvy investor.

Yes, you are willing to invest capital in a good idea.

Yes, you understand a marketplace that is ready to explode.

But you lacked one simple thing: access to deal flow.

Quite simply, you didn’t get the call to invest in Facebook back in 2005. Peter Thiel did. He cut the check, and the rest is history.

“We Believe That Crypto & DeFi Will Create The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human His tory.”
Brian Rose, london real

What we’ve seen in the crypto sector changes everything. You have the opportunity for the first time in history to “turn the tables” and become that seed round investor.

You can create the next Facebook. Or better yet, the next 100 of them.

In blockchain, this is not only possible, this is our reality.


February 2nd
first call

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10 members
limited to kings alumni


six modules
& in depth q&A

Why we created the Investment Club

Thanks to our 10 year history at London Real, our 1,000 long-form video interviews watched over 1 billion times, and our dedication to Crypto Assets and the Blockchain via the Crypto & DeFi Academy, we now have that access to deal flow.

“We have created London Real Ventures to invest in ecosystem protocols and DeFi projects, giving our portfolio companies marketing exposure across our platforms and Academy, thus growing awareness.”
Brian Rose, london real

We are constantly seeing deal flow and announced our first two portfolio companies in July 2022. 

The vision is to pass all of this knowledge, information, and deal flow on to members of our Investment Club, with the idea that YOU will invest early in the next $1 Billion protocol.

But first, you must understand the often complicated process of direct early stage investing via pre-sale tokens in blockchain protocols, arguably the most dynamic, most volatile market ever created.

This means that everything you learned or thought you knew about traditional early stage investing simply doesn’t apply to pre-sale tokens.

  1. Communication is lightning quick in this space, meaning thatdeals close in days, not weeks, months or years
  2. You are one Zoom call, one conference attendance, one personal intro away from securing an investment in the next $1 Billion protocol
  3. Access to capital is not enough – you must add value to the transaction in a variety of ways, where often, financial considerations are the least important
  4. Legal agreements and token issuance is highly technical, relying upon a combination of protocol, speed, due diligence and trust Crypto & DeFi Academy

Course Syllabus

As well as enjoying exclusive access to new deal flow opportunities, the Crypto & DeFi Academy Investment Club includes six topics and discussions taught by Brian Rose personally via one hour live calls every two weeks.

These are supported with live team calls in the interval weeks, providing a total of 12 live calls across 12 weeks.

In addition, Investment Club members are provided with access to dedicated Facebook and Messenger chat groups as well as full support service from our team of passionate community managers.

The syllabus for the Crypto & DeFi Academy Investment Club includes the following modules:

Module 1
What Is A Crypto Token Pre-sale?
How To Invest Early in Innovation

  • What is an ICO, IDO, IEO And Why Are They Important Points of Primary And Secondary Liquidity?
  • How Do Blockchain Protocols Fund Themselves Before An ICO And How Can You Participate?
  • Money Matters: How To Understand And Evaluate Tokenomics – Pre-Sale, Sale, And Post Sale

Module 2
What is a SAFT?
Why They Are Necessary For investing

  • How To Invest In And Value A Blockchain Protocol When Tokens Do Not Exist
  • Understanding Ownership Structures – How To Evaluate Equity vs Token-Based Investments
  • The SAFT – Simple Agreement for Future Tokens – How This Legal Document Is Your Ticket To Direct Early Stage Investment

Module 3
How To Identity Early Winners?
Conducting Pre-Sale Due Diligence

  • How To Maximise Your Deal Flow in The Blockchain Space – Understanding That Volume Is King and Access Is Everything (You’ve Got To Kiss A Lot of Frogs)
  • Not All Deals Are Created Equal – 5 Warning Signs You Have The Wrong Idea
  • Finding A Winner – 5 Early Signs You Have A Worthwhile Investment
  • How To Conduct Proper (Yet Fast) Due Diligence – The 5 T’s Revisited – Team, Traction, Technology, Tokenomics, and Ts & Cs

Module 4
How To Generate New Deal Flow & Court Investments By Proving Your Value To Founders

  • How To Establish Yourself As An Investor, Influencer And Educator – Creating New Deal Flow From Your Actions
  • Capital Isn’t Enough – How To Upgrade Your Arsenal From The Pure Financial And Bring Connections, Advisory, and Attention To Your Investments
  • Deals Won’t Find You – You Must Find Deals. Putting Yourself Out There Via Events, Meetings, Podcasts, Blogs, Social Media And More

Module 5
How To Nurture Your Early Stage Blockchain Investments

  • How To Continue Promotion And Value Creation For The Blockchain Protocol After The SAFT Is Signed
  • How to Manage And Promote The Upcoming Liquidity Event – ICO, IDO, Or IEO
  • The Five Do’s And Don’ts Of Blockchain Token Asset Ownership
  • How To Be Transparent About Your Investments And Continue To Provide Value Via Additional Token Allotments

Module 6
How To Manage Exit Scenarios & Liquidity Events

  • Welcome To The Blockchain (Where Everything Is Public) – Now Your Mission And Values Are Put To The Test
  • How To Invest For The Long Term – Keeping That Long Term Vision While Also Maximising Your Liquidity
  • How To Leverage Your Assets And Utilise Your Gains For Future Investments Without Selling Your Tokens
  • How To Exit With Grace – Liquidity Events Done Properly With Notice, Communication & Transparency

Book a call to be part of the investment club

The knowledge and intellectual property combined across the Investment Club program is incredibly rare and thus highly valuable.

Only a small group of people in the entire world are privy to this information; I am super grateful to have earned and learned it all on the ground through action and to have the opportunity to teach it. 

If you would like to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, please book a call now to secure your place.

The first call takes place on February 2nd 2022, and with only 10 spaces available, the window of opportunity to be part of this incredible group is closing.

So make sure you lock in your application today and we look forward to you joining us on what promises to be an amazing journey.

To your financial future,

Brian Rose
Founder, London Real

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Do you understand that we are not financial advisors, and that information provided does not constitute financial advice?
Do you understand that when investing, you should always assume that all of your capital is at risk?
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