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Ido Portal - Just Move


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Ido Portal is the legendary Israeli movement artist who has traveled the world teaching the Ido Portal Method.

A previous London Real guest, Just Move is London Real’s documentary about Ido Portal; watch him exclusively talk about his practices and work with the likes of Conor McGregor who describes his approach as one that ensures that “you don’t just have control over your body, you have control over your mind”.

As well as training McGregor right before he went on to knock out José Aldo in 13 seconds and become the undisputed UFC World Champion, Ido has inspired a “paradigm shift” in how people see movement practices, leading to a new community and culture around this innovative view of mind, body and spirit.

In this, our feature-length film, see Ido and London Real founder and host Brian Rose explore topics including links between our mental and physical presences, bravery and how Ido’s unorthodox way of working has helped influence a generation of people interested in movement.

Whether you’re interested in concepts such as the lizard crawl or why Ido’s practices are about “more than just handstands”, this inspirational film offers a window into the world of movement culture and beyond.

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00:00 | Brian’s thoughts as he travels to meet Ido Portal.
02:38 | Brian’s introduction.
06:41 | If at first you don’t succeed, keep going and going, never give up.
10:06 | Developing a love of movement in any form of mind and body connection.
11:40 | Where fear resides that is where the growth is. Brian is given a challenge.
18:00 | Odelia’s story, what she overcame to practice movement for a living.
19:47 | The struggle to reach the goal and what we learn on the way fulfils us, not the goal itself.
24:10 | Gavriel explains how the team encourages everyone not to become Homer Simpsons.
24:48 | Because you can. If you won’t – tomorrow you might not be able to. MOVE.
25:53 | How to do the spinal wave. Practise it before it is too late.
29:12 | Let them dirty the wall you motherf**kers
30:37 | To stay young keep playing, keep discovering, keep feeding yourself.
33:47 | Pascale has to move for those who can’t move.
35:50 | Respect the body you’re given, learn as much about it as possible and use it.
37:55 | Brian continues to practise.
38:41 | Reasons for popularity of movement practices in Israel.
40:12 | Less fear and more awareness of perception may be better for modern society.
42:42 | We are the sum of the stories we tell ourselves.
43:53 | Initial scepticism in Ido’s movement ideas, now a fashionable way of training and being.
45:03 | Warm up for natural movement and focus on where in the body power needs to be.
49:49 | Why Ido is helping Conor McGregor prepare for his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.
56:43 | Seeing movement from a different perspective and developing a movement tribe.
59:21 | Playful concept requires a serious approach, perform now don’t wait for the “right” time.
1:04:45 | The diverse movement community and importance of being part of it.
1:08:22 | Brian returns to London with new perspectives, can you meet his challenge?


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