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Studies suggest that 13 per cent of people in the UK are miserable in their job. This accounts for a more than a staggering 4 million people. One of the biggest reasons that people feel unfulfilled at work and in life is because they aren’t experiencing enough personal growth. By taking in the right information from people of all walks of life, personal growth is just a few steps away.

Without question, the very basis of London Real is personal growth. We’ve had a variety of guests that give you actionable advice and information that’ll help you on your journey. Eric Thomas shows you that you can start from the bottom and still become world-class at what you do. Retired British boxer Chris Eubank has gone from winning championships in the ring to carrying the warrior mindset into the rest of his life. When you find the right information, your own personal growth is just a few steps away.

Personal growth is a journey that you have to dedicate your entire life to. The rewards are sweet when you little by little start to amaze yourself and accomplish things you never thought that you could. Our entire guest library is filled with motivation and information that can help you at every single juncture of your path. Read on to learn how you can grow by leaps and bounds in every aspect of your life.

Personal Growth Starts in the Mind

The legendary band Funkadelic laid out timeless wisdom in their psychedelic funk album entitled “Free your Mind and Your A– Will Follow”.

When you open up your mind, anything is possible. Dr. Carol Dweck lays the groundwork for this line of thinking in her book “Mindset: The new psychology of success” and other teachings.

Our guest Tom Bilyeu took Dweck’s teaching to heart when building his Quest brand, and shares mind-blowing information and conversations about personal growth in his YouTube series Impact Theory.

It all begins with a single step.

Perhaps you’ll read a book or listen to an audiobook that changes or life, or maybe you’ll be inspired by guests like Eric Thomas, who went from being homeless on the streets of Detroit and eating out of trashcans, to becoming a bestselling author, and go-to motivational speaker and voiceover talent for every major sports league.

Set your mind to what you want and what is possible, and it’ll help you continuously move past the edge of impossible.

You Have to Put Relentless Action Behind Your Plan

While information and a change of thinking are necessary, the most critical part of personal growth comes down to one thing — action.

Figure out what you want, set your goals, and then carry out the actions for achieving them. David Goggins is one of the most action-taking guests we’ve ever had on. After living a childhood of enduring mental and physical abuse and racism, he finally had enough and decided that no one was going to save him but him.

He started taking relentless action toward changing as a person and pushing past his personal limits. As a result, he became a Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner and bestselling author who leads from the front in teaching people what kind of potential they have lying dormant, and how it can change their lives.

Do everything you can to grow on your personal journey, and use our guests as a roadmap and a jolt of motivation.


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