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Boris Becker - How I Reached the Wimbledon Hall of Fame

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00:00 | Trailer
02:25 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:22 Brian’s introduction
04:01 Boris enjoys remembering his early successful tennis achievements
05:33 Why Boris now lives in London
09:16 Boris’ early life in Germany
12:09 He suggests it was easier for the young to go for their dreams then, than it is now with the internet
15:33 What the 13-15 years old Boris was like and how he made it to Wimbledon so young
19:00 The fascination of tennis for him
20:17 How the game of tennis developed with it’s strange scoring and rules
23:17 Boris enjoys playing for the audience
25:11 The mental game within tennis
27:33 Unbelievable numbers watched Boris win Wimbledon aged 17, the youngest ever player
29:28 Pressure only affects people who find they are not prepared
32:07 The following year he was not predicted to win
34:35 Why Wimbledon is so special to him and for all tennis fans
38:35 Defending his title again, aged nineteen
42:01 The young infamous John McEnroe and his tennis ability
46:04 The epic match against John McEnroe in the Davis Cup
48:17 Enemies on court, but now good friends
49:40 Did his success come too early for him personally
51:00 Boris’ answer to criticism of his partying lifestyle
52:36 When Boris gave Pete Sampras the keys to his living room
56:38 Who Boris thinks was the best player ever
57:48 Memories of Andre Agassi
1:00:06 Rivalry between opponents which made good matches to watch, is missing a little in today’s game
1:00:49 Whilst in other sports rivalry is increasing, tennis players seem to be friends with their opponents
1:05:05 Conor McGregor needs to win another fight
1:06:31 How Boris came to coach Novak Djokovic
1:12:32 Boris’ four children are his greatest joy
1:14:52 Dealing with the media when the scandals around him are in the news
1:18:15 Boris in the commentary box
1:21:01 Boris’ advice to young people about alcohol and drugs
1:22:47 Boris’ thoughts on the Williams’ sisters
1:24:53 Tennis has a chance to stay one of the top five sports in the world
1:25:43 The future for the rules governing tennis
1:27:02 Boris’ daily routine
1:28:18 Does Boris still play tennis
1:30:00 What is his super-power
1:30:46 The worst and last days of his life
1:32:13 What scares him
1:32:52 What we may find strange to learn about Boris Becker
1:35:56 What keeps him awake at night
1:39:12 Phone call to the 20 years old Boris
1:40:00 Success secrets
1:40:46 Advice to the young person listening
1:41:53 Brian’s summing up.


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