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Sadia Khan - What Women Want & Why Men Get It Wrong


Psychology Educator & Relationship Coach

In a world where relationships often seem like fleeting connections and people increasingly spend their waking hours staring at a screen, there comes a point where we must reflect on the bigger picture and understand why so many people are struggling to build relationships that stand the test of time.

Today’s guest believes the current dating landscape is training us for divorce, while our tendency towards online dating and social media is cultivating a lifestyle of instant gratification.

Sadia Khan is a former teacher, seasoned psychologist, and renowned relationship expert, who is on a mission to revolutionise the way we perceive and nurture connections with those who matter most in our lives.

Sadia has become something of a social media sensation, where her straight talking no nonsense approach has garnered an army of fans among those looking to remedy their chequered dating history or find reasoning amid their continuing relationship struggles.

“I don’t appeal to everybody, I’m totally okay with that”

Sadia is based in Dubai, splitting her time between the affluent Middle Eastern melting pot and the hustle and bustle of London. With an extensive background in education and developmental psychology, Sadia specialises in helping people better understand their relationships with friends, family and most importantly their partners.

However, Sadia Khan is far from your typical relationship guru. She has a burning passion for unravelling the intricate web of human connections and focuses on the profound impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships, assisting individuals in breaking free from the shackles of addiction, self-sabotage, and attachment issues, while helping them discover a pathway to healing and growth.

Her videos have garnered millions of views online, and her message is clear: modern couples can navigate their challenges, bolster communication, and cultivate strong, healthy relationships through accountability, personal growth, and trust.

Sadia believes modern relationships are fundamentally unhealthy. She asserts that most people fail to recognise their own insecurities and the lingering echoes of childhood trauma.

“Current dating is just practising for divorce. We have very little in the way of ethics and culture that create a long lasting marriage and we’re teaching people exactly how to get divorced, how to have short term connections, how to move on quickly, how to break up and then start again.”

Moreover, she raises a poignant concern about the role of social media and the proliferation of negative online role models, which she believes are fostering narcissistic tendencies in women, while the biggest problem she sees with men is their addiction to pornography that is destroying their ability to experience physical and mental intimacy.

“What pornography does to men, is it allows them intense gratification without the fear of rejection.”

Sadia explains that men need to experience rejection in order to build up their bravery and redirect their focus. At the same time she sees the “illusion of options” fostered by online dating, social media, and pornography as a driving force behind the decline of committed relationships.

Sadia points out that instead of introspection and growth, individuals assess their partners as if they were commodities, quick to replace them at the slightest imperfection.

In a world clearly yearning for deeper connections, Sadia Khan’s message is a timely reminder that true transformation begins within ourselves and believes the only way to outdo trauma is to make better decisions in life.

I can’t wait to sit down with Sadia, she’s a fantastic talker who shoots straight from the hip and her advice is a welcome antidote to the barrage of divisive content filling our feeds. Sadia believes almost all of us have some lingering childhood trauma and until we recognise it, address it and move forward, it’ll be a case of rinse and repeat.

“How are my personal insecurities going to ruin this relationship? I think that’s the first and foremost conversation to have with yourself.”

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