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The movement culture is gaining traction as more people realise the harm we are doing by sitting still. With guests including Timothy Shieff, Kelly Starrett, and Chris Sommer, we examine just how important movement is for our health and wellbeing.

As we get older, movement becomes even more important if we want to maintain our health. We talk with Steve Maxwell, the 67-year-old American fitness guru, author, physical educator, breathing coach and BJJ black belt about how vital it is for people to continue to exercise as they age. He also shares with us his favourite health promotion technique – stripping down to his underwear to do so.

The Man Behind The Movement Movement

There’s one man who has arguably done more than anyone else to popularise movement culture. Ido Portal is an Israeli mixed martial artist and movement guru who has travelled the world teaching movement to everyone from Hollywood celebrities to UFC legend Conor McGregor. Videos of him performing his graceful flowing moves have had millions of views, and the Ido Portal Method is now a movement workout practised by people all around the world.

We’ve talked to Ido many times and covered a lot of ground. In our first interview, he discusses what first attracted him to the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, and how his movement method grew from what he learned. He talks in-depth about his methods and his goals. Later, after realising the irony of talking to Ido whilst sitting down, we had our first-ever Moving Conversation, in which we walked the streets of London as he explained that we need to try completely new things in order to learn the most. We also talk to Ido in the marketplace and at the beach as he tells us more about his movement philosophy.

From Modelling to MMA – Movement is everywhere!

Ido Portal is famous for having coached UFC legend Conor McGregor, and he’s not the only MMA star who understands the importance of movement for his profession. We chat with British professional MMA fighter and entrepreneur, Michael “Venom” Page as he talks to us about life as an MMA fighter, facing his fears, and what keeps him awake at night. He also reveals what he gained from Ido Portal movement training, and how much he learned about body proofing and pre-habilitation.

It’s not just cage fighters that can benefit from having a movement coach, however. We also talk to Roger Frampton, the international model, TED speaker, author and corrective exercise coach. He learned the importance of movement over 15 seasons on the catwalks of London, Milan, Paris, and New York, and developed his own system of bodyweight exercises, gymnastics and yoga. He talks to us about The Frampton Method, what it’s like to deliver a TED talk, and how the London Real Business Accelerator course changed his mindset completely.


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