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Taking Control of Your Financial Life

The financial landscape of our world is in flux. We’ve all seen stories all over the news and in the papers over the last few years. From cryptocurrency, impending financial crashes, to unseen financial opportunities, we live in interesting times.

And whether you want to learn how to weather the storm or create a legacy of wealth for your family, London Real is where you’ll find the answers. We’ve sat down with the world’s leading experts on everything from entrepreneurship to investing to secure your financial freedom.

Unlocking Your Financial Freedom

Join us as we talk to people like James Rickards who gives us tips on how to survive the next financial crisis and come out on top. Or Robert Kiyosaki who teaches how to make money work for you and not the other way around.

Then there is Dan Peña, our most legendary guest, my mentor and the person known as the 50 Billion Dollar Man. Dan talks about confronting the fear that holds us back from becoming exceptional, and how to pull the trigger on the financial dreams you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Mastering Your Mindset and Creating a Legacy

Other guests like David Allen, show us how to actually get sh*t done, and the Grant Cardone and his wife Elena Cardone, walk through building a legacy of wealth.

If you are interested in mastering your entrepreneur and business mindset, Alex and Mimi Ikonn teach us how to change your mindset and design the life you want. And Jocko Willink pushes us to take extreme ownership over ourselves and the businesses we run.

Hearing from digital pioneers

If your focus is squarely on the online landscape, why not check out our interviews with key stakeholders, c-suite and entrepreneurs from across the business spectrum. Find out how Ben Wynn, the Founder and CEO of DAD, transformed the home repair market. Or what Alex Macpherson, the Head of Ventures at Octopus Investments, thinks of the venture capital world.

The Future of Money

If the future of money is your thing, we’ve had cryptocurrency experts like Andreas Antonopoulos and Teeka Tiwari on the show, who guide you through the often confusing and complicated worlds of crypto finance, blockchain and where and how to invest with minimal risk.


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