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Of course, lots of time and consideration goes into designing pieces for fashion. Designers need to follow trends and create products that the general public will love. You’ll hear from guests such as John Kent, Oliviero Toscani, Magnus Walker, and Oliver Proudlock about their time in the industry.

Designers in Fashion

Even if you’re not familiar with fashion, you’ve surely heard of the big names in the industry. For example, there’s Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Yves Saint Laurent.

But we’re not here to talk about those names. We’re here to discuss some lesser-known but still just as fantastic designers.

For instance, we talked with English designer and model Oliver Proudlock. He’s gained a huge public following after he went on the show “Made in Chelsea”. Proudlock is the founder of the fashion label Serge Denimes.

Plus, we spoke with English fashion designer Magnus Walker. He’s the creator of the Serious Clothing Brand. Not only is he an amazing designer, but he’s also an avid Porsche collector.


The world of fashion doesn’t just entail designers and photographers. Modelling is a huge part of the industry, as the bodies of models become canvases for the art that is fashion.

We sat down with Miss Universe runner-up Margarita Nazarenko to get some insight into the modelling industry. She speaks about how she’s lucky enough to win the genetic lottery to be such a fantastic model. Nazarenko also tackles the interesting subject of how Einstein would cope in a beauty pageant!

We also chatted with former male model Arthur Rutledge to get a firsthand male perspective on modelling. He discusses what some of the pitfalls of being a professional model are.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unique

Sure, you can follow fashion trends go with the flow. That’s the safe thing to do; to go with the general consensus of what’s in and what’s out.

However, you can also be bold and be unique. This will turn some heads, for sure. It may also garner you some negative attention.

But it’s excellent to feel like you’re in your element by wearing what truly expresses your style and personality. We spoke with Italian photographer and creative pioneer Oliviero Toscani about the subject of being unique.

While it can take a lot of guts to do, the results you get can be very rewarding and satisfying. And if you’re like Toscani, you can also encourage some dialogue about touchy subjects, such as AIDS, war, and death row.


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