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Mantak Chia - Unleash Your Sexual Energy


Master Mantak Chia is Taoist Master, author, and healer who teaches people how to empower themselves through the cultivation of their “qi” energy. This is his third appearance on London Real and last time he performed my Chinese Astrology reading, and we discussed the five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, and how they directly related to my personal energy. In this episode I went to dive deeper into the philosophy of Taoism, learn about dark room therapy, taoist nutrition and fasting, and of course we will revisit our favourite subject: sex and sexual energy.

Master Mantak Chia, a venerable Taoist master born on April 24, 1944, is a beacon of wisdom and a link between ancient Taoist practices and contemporary approaches to holistic wellness. Renowned for his teachings on Qi Gong, meditation, and the profound philosophy of the Tao, Master Mantak Chia has become a global ambassador for the transformative power of traditional Eastern practices.

Master Mantak Chia’s journey began in his native Thailand, where he was initiated into the ancient traditions of Taoism at a young age. Under the guidance of various Taoist masters, Chia delved into the rich tapestry of practices aimed at cultivating vital energy and achieving balance within the body. This early exposure to the profound teachings of the Tao laid the groundwork for his later mission of sharing these transformative practices with the world.

Central to Master Mantak Chia’s teachings is the Universal Tao System, a comprehensive framework that encapsulates various Taoist practices. This system provides a roadmap for individuals seeking to harness their internal energies for physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual enlightenment. Qi Gong exercises, Taoist meditation techniques, and principles of Inner Alchemy form integral components of the Universal Tao System.

Master Mantak Chia’s exploration of Inner Alchemy, a Taoist practice aimed at transmuting and refining internal energies, has been foundational to his teachings. The Microcosmic Orbit meditation, a cornerstone of Inner Alchemy, involves circulating energy through specific meridians in the body to promote balance and vitality. This practice serves as a gateway to spiritual awakening and self-realisation, aligning with Chia’s vision of empowering individuals on their journey toward holistic wellness.

Master Mantak Chia’s impact extends globally through a tireless commitment to education and outreach. He conducts workshops, seminars, and retreats around the world, sharing the timeless wisdom of Taoist practices. These events serve as transformative experiences for participants, offering them practical tools for enhancing physical health, fostering emotional resilience, and cultivating a deeper connection to the spiritual dimensions of life.

Master Mantak Chia’s emphasis on Healing Tao reflects a holistic approach to wellness. This branch of his teachings incorporates practices like Chi Nei Tsang, an abdominal massage technique aimed at detoxifying and revitalising internal organs. Additionally, Iron Shirt Chi Kung focuses on cultivating a strong energetic structure, enhancing physical resilience.

Beyond physical health, Master Mantak Chia has explored the integration of sexual energy into spiritual practices through Taoist Tantra. His teachings on cultivating and harmonising sexual energy are grounded in the belief that the intimate aspects of life can be harnessed for spiritual growth and vitality.

Master Mantak Chia stands as a living bridge between ancient Taoist traditions and the modern pursuit of holistic well-being. His teachings, rooted in centuries-old wisdom, offer a roadmap for individuals seeking harmony and balance in the fast-paced modern world. As a global ambassador for Taoist practices, Master Mantak Chia continues to guide and inspire individuals on their transformative journey toward physical vitality, emotional resilience, and spiritual enlightenment.


00:00 | Trailer
02:50 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:58 | Brian’s introduction
05:40 | He is in demand across the world with many long-term devotees
06:30 | People are starting to realize that even with increased material wealth, something is lacking in their lives
11:02 | An explanation of what Taoism is
13:15 | How nature heals
15:13 | Balancing negative forces
20:51 | Burnout and emotional problems are the main reasons people seek his help
23:25 | Emotional wisdom exercise to rid oneself of emotional garbage
28:33 | What it means to smile at the organs
46:01 | Mantak explains what he means by sexual energy
55:43 | How sexual energy can be a healing energy
56:32 | What parents should teach their young teenager children about their sexual organs
1:04:08 | Teaching men that they can have arousal without ejaculation and how to achieve that
1:11:15 | How a couple can achieve multi arousal and gain sexual energy
1:22:09 | The effect on sexual activity now young people learn about sex through pornography
1:30:24 | How Mantak met his Master and the important lesson he said Mantak must teach
1:43:07 | An early user of video to teach
1:43:44 | Psychedelic experience people have in his darkroom therapy
2:02:46 | What Mantak thinks of people taking other drugs like cannabis and Marijuana
2:07:34 | How Mantak practices Taoism when he leads such a busy life
2:08:54 | What scares Mantak Chia
2:14:11 | Is Master Chia a man of surprises
2:15:52 | What worries Master Chia
2:17:18 | How Mantak thinks we are treating the planet
2:19:30 | Phone call to the 20 years old Mantak Chia
2:21:20 | The best thing he ever learned
2:22:07 | Success secrets
2:22:44 | Brian’s summing up.


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