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Is something holding you back from committing to a relationship? Are you worried about sex and infidelity? Here at London Real, Brian Rose interviews industry experts who provide in-depth answers to solving relationship problems and finding happiness.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Brian Rose gets to the heart of the matter with Mantak Chia, an author, healer and Taoist Master, with a deep understanding of chi energy. This no-holds-barred interview discusses the mysteries of the multiple male orgasm and how to become a sexual master. Discover what sexual energy is, the difference between male and female orgasms, and the importance of massage. Mantak advises of practical exercises to enhance your sexual experiences and control ejaculation. Learn how to unleash your sexual energy in relationships.

We sat down for a chat with Esther Perel on the taboo subject of infidelity, its causes, and how to bring back the spark in your long-term relationship. Esther has a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips with her years of experience as an author and therapist, dealing with couples and sexuality. Learn how to retain desire in your relationship and discover how Esther imparts all her information in a male-friendly way, understanding their psyche. Do you want to revitalise your relationship? Let this interview take you through all the necessary steps and discover that life really is beautiful with your partner.

Dating, Relationships and Overcoming Barriers

Listen to Nic Krauser, a somewhat controversial figure, known as a pick-up artist, as he discusses the reality of male and female sexual politics. What are the rules of engagement, how to master “the game” and why women are attracted to confidence, are just some of the many questions he answers. With complete honesty, Nic talks about his past, which revolved around the desire to meet women for sex, and the skillset he used to achieve his goals. Brian Rose learns that an unwanted divorce led to his behaviour, but he now believes in himself and nothing to prove. As he says himself, don’t hate the player!

Hayley Quinn is an engaging character, a dating coach giving advice to men and women alike. In this fascinating interview, she tackles the topic of how to supercharge your dating. As an expert in the industry, having appeared on Channel 4 and given university lectures, Hayley has plenty to say about the complexities of dating. Listen as Brian Rose gets to grips with the subject, and discovers that Hayley’s bisexuality gives her a greater understanding of how to believe in yourself. Learn to express yourself, have a greater understanding of other people and supercharge your dating skills.


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