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Transform Your Life

London Real wants to help you transform your life. Whether you are looking to improve your diet, try out a new type of movement practice or face your demons, the guests we’ve had on London Real can lead you. London Real also offers life accelerator programs where you will learn how to master the high-performance habits of London Real’s most successful guests. You’ll learn how to get fit and stay that way, mastering your mind and body.

Become a Super Human and the Plant-Based Life

From jet lag cures to Benjamin Button styles anti-ageing practices, Dave Asprey is the self-proclaimed biohacking guinea pig who is finding us ways to become the ultimate superhuman.

Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Michael Greger walk us through how not to die and why plant-based diets and whole foods are the keys to healing our bodies.

Then we have plant-based warriors like Rich Roll and John Joseph. The former being the vegan ultra-athlete and world-renowned author and John Joseph, the lead singer of the punk band the Cro Mags and IRONMAN athlete. What Rich and John Joseph have in common is that they’re at the forefront of the vegan movement. Proving to the world that plant-based athletes can attain world-class results.

Just Move

We also have incredible guests on London Real who will teach you the power of movement. Join us as we sit down and chat with people like Dylan Werner, the Marine Firefighter who became a world-renowned yogi or Ido Portal who is leading a movement revolution and the center of our feature-length documentary Just Move.

If running is your thing, watch Tony Riddle, the barefoot running pioneer as he talks about how to transform your running style back to the way humans are meant to run. Or sit down with the legendary B-boy Crazy Legs as he discusses the history of hip hop dancing and his Rock Steady Crew.

Inspiration and Happiness

If you’re looking for inspiration in the crazy world of molecular gastronomy, we sat down with Heston Blumenthal and talked about his three-star Michelin restaurant, The Fat Duck and his latest creations smoked salmon ice cream and snail porridge.

Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is the man we turn to for methods on controlling the body and mind through breathing and cold water exposure. And Anita Moorjani, who faced the edge of death and miraculously bounced back to full recovery, teaches us to embody love in a fear-based world in order to live the life we truly want.


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