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Michael Venom Page - The Evolution of An MMA Knockout Artist


Flying Knees & Pokemon Knockouts

Michael “Venom” Page is the British professional MMA fighter, entrepreneur, and flagship star of Bellator, known for an array of highlight-reel knockouts and his unorthodox hands-down fighting style, due to his background as a karate “point fighter”.

Inside the cage, Michael is a natural showman, known for taunting opponents, walk-away knockouts, in-fight selfies, and post-fight Pokemon ball-rolls.

He recently defeated Richard Kiley by flying knee knockout and is next scheduled to fight Giovanni Melillo at Wembley Arena here in London. In this fascinating conversation with London Real’s Brian Rose, MVP talks through his first loss and what it meant to him, why mental agility and awareness are critical during a fight and his controversial views on the UFC.
Born on April 7, 1987, in London, England, Michael Page’s journey into combat sports began at a young age. Page initially trained in traditional martial arts, including karate and kickboxing. His early exposure to these disciplines laid the foundation for the dynamic and unpredictable striking style that would later become his trademark.

Kickboxing played a crucial role in shaping Page’s approach to stand-up fighting. His accomplishments in the kickboxing world, including winning championships, showcased his proficiency in striking and set the stage for a seamless transition into the world of mixed martial arts.

Michael Venom Page made his professional MMA debut in 2012 and quickly caught the attention of fans and pundits alike with his flashy and unorthodox fighting style. In 2014, Page signed with Bellator MMA, a promotion known for featuring top-tier talent.

Page’s undefeated streak in the early years of his Bellator career was marked by a series of highlight-reel knockouts. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional martial arts techniques with innovative and unpredictable strikes set him apart from the traditional mold of MMA fighters.

While Michael Venom Page enjoyed early success in Bellator, his unbeaten streak came to an end in 2019 during a high-profile bout against seasoned welterweight champion Douglas Lima. Despite facing a knockout loss, Page displayed resilience in the aftermath, emphasising the importance of learning and evolving in the competitive world of MMA.

Page’s response to adversity highlighted his mental fortitude, and he returned to the cage with renewed determination, securing victories in subsequent fights. The setback against Lima served as a pivotal moment in his career, contributing to his growth as a martial artist.

What sets Michael Venom Page apart is his innovative striking arsenal, characterised by spinning kicks, flashy techniques, and unpredictable movements. Often dancing and taunting opponents during fights, Page combines technical proficiency with an entertaining flair, captivating audiences worldwide.

Page’s style challenges conventional norms in MMA, introducing an element of showmanship reminiscent of traditional martial arts performances. His ability to maintain effectiveness while showcasing creativity has made him a fan favourite and a unique presence in the sport.

Beyond his success in the cage, Michael Venom Page has transcended traditional MMA circles, gaining crossover appeal through his engaging personality and social media presence. He actively engages with fans, providing glimpses into his training, lifestyle, and travels, contributing to his broader cultural impact.

Page’s influence extends to inspiring a new generation of fighters to embrace individuality and creativity in their approach to martial arts. As a dynamic athlete with a penchant for entertainment, he has become a cultural icon in the evolving landscape of combat sports.

Michael “Venom” Page’s journey in mixed martial arts is not just about victories and championships; it’s a story of innovation, resilience, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the sport. His electrifying fighting style, coupled with a charismatic persona, has made him a standout figure in MMA. As Michael Venom Page continues to evolve as a martial artist and entertainer, his impact on the sport and its fan base remains enduring, solidifying his place as one of the most captivating and influential fighters in contemporary MMA.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:42 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:47 | Brian’s introduction.
04:32 | Michael talks through his first fight loss and what it meant to him.
15:48 | Relaxed, having fun, mentally agile and aware of what is going on around him in a fight.
20:19 | The face off battle.
27:25 | Michael praises the attitude of the Irish fans and wishes all fans would behave similarly.
31:22 | Michael’s view of the UFC introduction of the Interim Belt.
33:45 | Michael praises founders of London Shootfighters, Alexis Demetriades and Paul Ivens
44:22 | The fear of participating in an MMA fight and the mental effect of money on a fighter.
51:00 | Memorable night when Michael won the Santos fight and rolled a Pokemon ball,
1:00:07 | Learning how badly his Evangelista Santos was injured.
1:03:30 | Michael and social media negativity.
1:12:44 | Prospect of fighting with Nate Diaz and Jorg Masvidal.
1:19:11 | The Conor McGregor phenomena.
1:23:18 | Keeping away from bad influencers.
1:28:05 | Gaining inspiration and support from 50 Cent, Shaquille O’Neil and Chris Pratt.
1:33:57 | Michael continues to train hard and fight on despite of, or because of, the hurt in his life.
1:55:15 | Michael likes Bellator but thinks they could do more and the need for fighters to be better paid.
2:08:18 | Drugs and the sport, is USADA making a difference?
2:11:07 | What Michael does daily non-fighting related.
2:15:06 | Michael’s superpower.
2:19:18 | Best and worst days of his life.
2:20:55 | What scares him.
2:21:57 | What we would be surprised to know about Michael Page.
2:24:05 | What keeps him awake at night.
2:26:41 | Success secrets.
2:27:14 | Possible future fights for Michael, when one millimetre can make a difference, but he’s confident.
2:35:35 | Brian’s summing up.


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