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Ido Portal

Ido Portal is the legendary Israeli mixed martial artist and global movement expert who has traveled worldwide teaching what he calls the Ido Portal Method. Over the years, I’ve grown to love Ido. He’s incredible and also trained UFC Champion Conor McGregor right before he went on to knock out José Aldo in 13 seconds and become the undisputed UFC World Champion.


  • Born – May 1, 1980, Haifa, Israel
  • Height – 1.9m
  • Best Known For – The Ido Portal Movement Method

Move or Die

If you’ve been following London Real over the years, you’ll know that I’ve spoken to astronauts, members of Parliament, Hollywood actors, and CEO’s of billion dollar companies. And don’t get me wrong, these people are magnificent. It’s just every now and then I meet someone who changes my life forever.

Ido Portal is one of those people.

I first met Ido in 2014 and encountered a man with a message, a man who was intent on communicating his views of movement to the world, and to do so without selling out.

Movement Culture

Ido has trained everyone from Tony Robbins to Conor McGregor. He believes that we are essentially animals and that we need to reconnect with our animal selves through movement. Ido’s movement philosophy is about harnessing the collective wisdom that comes from working with others and from experimenting within the context of a group.

I am always moved by Ido Portal. He’s a fascinating guy to listen to and he really just wants to spread his message in the most organic and genuine way possible.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Bruce Lee, and Roy Jones Jnr
  • Capoeira, Haifa, and the Gulf War
  • BJJ, CrossFit, parkour and veganism
  • The Ido Portal Method and Movement Culture
  • Paleolithic diet, and the best advice he’s ever been given
  • The advice he gives to younger generations, and his plans for the future
  • What it was like growing up in Israel, capoeira, and martial arts
  • Georges St-Pierre, Rickson Gracie, and Anthony Pettis
  • Conor McGregor, Sébastien Foucan, and Timothy Shieff

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