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Watch > Episode > Ido Portal - Movement Is The Answer: How the Body & the Mind are Connected - London Real Journeys

Ido Portal - Movement Is The Answer: How the Body & the Mind are Connected - London Real Journeys


Movement Is The Answer

London Real Journeys is our new format exploring over 600 episodes we’ve broadcast from the most influential minds on the planet. Hosted by interviewer Brian Rose, this show will delve into our most popular topics and compile the greatest wisdom from thought leaders at the top of their fields.

Ido Portal is the legendary Israeli mixed martial artist and global movement expert who has traveled worldwide teaching what he calls the Ido Portal Method. Over the years, I’ve grown to love Ido. He’s incredible and also trained UFC Champion Conor McGregor right before he went on to knock out José Aldo in 13 seconds and become the undisputed UFC World Champion.



0:00 | Brian Rose introduces Ido Portal’s movement culture
2:58 | London Real introduction
3:55 | Brian Rose talks about how Ido changed his life
6:55 | Brian talks about filming the Ido Portal documentary in Israel
10:56 | A clip of Brian Rose walking into Ido Portal’s studio in Israel
15:15 | Brian discusses the beginner’s mind
17:14 | The first time Brian meets Ido Portal
18:45 | A clip of Ido talking about destroying dogma
27:22 | Ido talks about Crossfit and biomechanics of the body
35:21 | Ido discusses veganism
39:00 | Brian Rose talks about coming up with the idea of a moving conversation with Ido Portal
42:20 | The trailer for the moving conversation with Ido
45:58 | Ido explains the number one reason to move
51:56 | A clip of Brian Rose and Ido talking about falling in love with movement again
54:36 | Brian talks about using the broomstick as a part of London Real’s movement practice
56:29 | A clip of Ido Portal and Brian Rose with a broomstick
1:01:03 | A clip of Ido talking about the different zones of movement and learning
1:06:25 | Ido Portal talks about Conor McGregor
1:14:02 | Ido discusses what it was like training with Conor McGregor
1:21:34 | Brian asks Ido what he thinks of Dorian Yates
1:28:41 | Brian reminisces about travelling to Israel to meet up with Ido
1:30:39 | The first few minutes of the Just Move documentary
1:39:33 | Ido explains the importance of balancing on a handrail
1:49:30 | A clip of Brian in a Ido Portal training session in Israel
1:53:00 | Brian talks about how his movement practice has changed over the years
1:57:00 | Clips of Brian’s movement practices
2:01:01 | Ido telling off his students
2:06:00 | Brian talks about the essence of Ido
2:08:11 | Brian challenges the viewers to get moving and use their bodies
2:10:00 | Brian sums up


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