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Steve Maxwell - Hotel Workout


This week’s episode is one of my all time favourites. Instead of our usual setup in the leather chairs at London Real Studios, I met Steve Maxwell at his hotel room to go through his daily workout. For those of you who don’t know Steve Maxwell, he is one of my favourite people. He’s a living legend. Not only is he a 64 year old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, but he travels the world as a nomad teaching people how to move, breathe, and think. With a twinkle in his eye, Steve shares with us his secrets to living a life of vitality – including literally stripping down and doing his favourite health promotion technique. Watch us discuss:

  • How he trained with the Gracie family before the existed
  • How to stay fit, any place and time.
  • Steve’s daily anti-ageing techniques – including some Chi Qong and Russian Slavic Health Systems
  • Why sticking your tongue out and crossing your eyes is good for your immune system
  • How Steve was able to go from severely near sighted to throwing his glasses away
  • Why he swishes coconut oil for 20 min in his mouth
  • How to keep your sexual organs healthy and preserve your youth and vitality
  • Why he only eats two meals a day
  • Why he believes that exercise takes no vacation


00:00 | Trailer
03:02 | Welcome to Steve’s hotel room
05:32 | Why this is the fourth time Steve has been on London Real
06:42 | Steve’s morning routine starts in bed
29:16 | Moving on to Steve’s bathroom routine
45:44 | 9am Steve goes out to walk, or to train, all before breakfast
48:34 | Being away from your gym is no excuse, Steve’s backpack holds exercise equipment
55:08 | Brian does 15 minute circuit and feels as though every muscle set has been slammed
1:30:43 | Short, but effective and safe set of strength building exercises for life
1:34:27 | It’s mental discipline, you’ve got to control the fear in your mind
1:35:23 | Benefits of extended isometrics
1:36:22 | This type of exercise may not sexy, nor fun, but it has outlasted short lived trends
1:38:16 | Why Steve believes his father is alive at 93 when his eight siblings died by 73
1:39:21 | Steve makes his own adaptable exercise equipment
1:44:14 | Brian’s summing up.


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