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$22,000 in Just 8 Weeks

“If you have a dream that you can work from anywhere in the world, I’m proof that this is possible!”

Roger Frampton

Business Accelerator Graduate

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Tell us about you

My name’s Roger Frampton and I’m from Northampton.  I was a personal trainer and now I’m an online trainer.

What was your life like before you decided to take the course?

Before I was a personal trainer I was a carpenter, so I always traded time for money as you call it. I never really knew anything different apart from that. So as a carpenter, you do the work, you build the cupboard or whatever it is, and then you get paid the money. I just transferred that over, so when I was a personal trainer, it was the same thing. But that only gets you so far.

Why join the Business Accelerator?

Because I was broke. We did an interview here and you were talking about how you’d seen me in Men’s Health, you’d see me on Sky News, you had seen me on BBC Business. I got an advance when I did my book the way it works is that once you sell a certain amount of copies, you can get some money back. I was getting roughly 60p per copy. I was spending 10 times that on the amount of press.

I spent all my advance really pushing this book, and then suddenly, well, you calculate it. X amount a month, and you get 60p a book. You think how many books I’ve got to sell to actually make money. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work the way I thought it would work in my head. In my head I was just like, I’ll sell a million books at 60p a copy, that’s a million pounds, and I’ll just spend loads of money on press.

That really failed and I couldn’t pay the mortgage… I was like, there’s something wrong here. Then I saw your videos and I knew there was something in my mindset that I was missing.

You went from zero to $22,000 in 8 weeks. How does that feel?

I’ve still got some more webinars this weekend, so it’s hard to kind of process it yet. I don’t even think I’ve stepped back from what has actually just happened.

I just keep going, Roger you have your own online business – that’s insane! A few weeks ago, I was getting the five o’clock train every morning into London to do my personal training sessions working Monday to Sunday, y’know? And now, I have to go to my laptop in my shed, and I can change people’s lives around the world.

What advice would you give someone thinking about pulling the trigger?

Beg, borrow, steal. Just get it done really. I’ve made my money back during the course just selling my low-cost product. If you’re gonna work hard, beg, borrow and steal it, and I’m sure that if you’re thinking about taking this course, then that desire is in there, it’s not going away.

I thought about doing this for a while, and now I’m like, oh my God, I’m so freaking glad I did this. If you have a dream that you can work from anywhere in the world, I’m telling you I’m proof that this is possible, so beg, borrow, steal… or just use the payment plan.