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Watch > Episode > Dylan Werner - The Illuminated Breath: How To Harness The Science Of Ancient Yoga Breath Practices To Transform Your Well-Being

Dylan Werner - The Illuminated Breath: How To Harness The Science Of Ancient Yoga Breath Practices To Transform Your Well-Being


International Yoga Instructor

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we forget to focus on the important stuff, namely our well-being. My life is very much about high performance and being accountable on a daily basis, but I have learnt over the years through much trial and error how to optimise my lifestyle to get the best results.

My morning routine is a non-negotiable part of my day, and includes amongst many other things a dedicated period of meditation, prior to a demanding day at the office. This allows me to shut out the noise, focus on my body and gain some clarity. 

Of course, I’ve been surrounded by elite performers, experts in both the physical and mental, well-being gurus and top level athletes for the last decade and I’ve learned how to upgrade myself so that I’m always operating in the most efficient manner without jeopardising any area of my life.

Which brings me to today’s guest, a man who has certainly played a crucial part in that journey. I’m absolutely delighted to be welcoming back Dylan Werner to London Real. For those who don’t know, Dylan is a former US Marine, and now globally recognised yoga teacher turned author, whose knowledge of both Eastern philosophy and Western science makes him a welcome guiding hand in the maelstrom of the modern world.

Dylan joined the US Marine Corps at the tender age of 18 and served as an aircraft firefighter. This included a challenging tour of Iraq, after which he was honourably discharged and returned to the US to study anatomy and emergency medicine at University.

Dylan then began working as a frontline first responder, initially as a paramedic and later a firefighter. This unsociable and challenging working environment took its toll on Dylan both physically and mentally, but as he practised martial arts in his free time he was introduced to the world of yoga.

It became a defining moment and from that point on, Dylan made yoga his life choice. On reflection it could be seen as destiny. The ease and comfort with which he performs incredible feats of strength and balance are more akin to someone who was born into the yogic life.

Dylan has spent the last 13 years living a nomadic existence, travelling the world and helping others on their journey towards peace, harmony and well-being, by teaching workshops and seminars.

In fact, Dylan has taught people in over 60 countries and counting and believes that anyone young or old can experience the life changing benefits of yogic practice, meditation and self-reflection.

“What I love about yoga is that it doesn’t differentiate the mind, the body, the breath, the spirit – it looks at it as all one thing. It’s this whole complete package.”

Dylan has turned his hand to sharing this knowledge with an even wider audience. His new book The Illuminated Breath – Transform Your Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Well-Being by Harnessing the Science of Ancient Yoga Breath Practices, is a must read for anyone interested in taking their meditation and yoga practice to new levels.

It’s a seriously deep dive into the history of breathing techniques and breath work, detailing how energy flows within the body and includes a huge range of exercises that can help address and alleviate every issue imaginable, from poor sleep, concentration and anxiety issues, to athletic performance, sexual energy and relaxation

Dylan is an expert in every sense of the word, but he’s also incredibly humble. His knowledge is vast, his patience and wisdom enviable and I for one can’t wait to pick his brains and find out where so many of us are going wrong. The world is not going to slow down, so it’s up to you to take the wheel.

“Balance comes from a state of mind and a reflection of life. It’s important to be balanced in your personal life to find balance in your practice.”

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  5. Why your CO2 tolerance is important
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  7. Tummo breathing explained
  8. The dangers of hyperventilating
  9. How to practice under-breathing
  10. Pre-sleep breathing routine
  11. How to go to sleep fast
  12. Why sleep is so important
  13. Practising chest breathing
  14. Pranayama breathing explained
  15. Using breathing techniques as individual tools
  16. Yoga is the complete package
  17. Yoga is a philosophy
  18. This is what makes yoga different
  19. How to be happy and fulfilled
  20. Being a teacher is about being a servant


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