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Ido Portal - Just Move


Hanstands & The Movement Culture

Ido Portal is so much more than attention grabbing handstands. Join us as we discuss movement culture, Ido’s life in Israel and his movement teachings.

The Cult of Ido Portal

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about Ido Portal. Before he was in our studio, I had heard about the cult of Ido. A wave of information, videos, and interviews, the cult of Ido is about a mysterious man from Israel who’s not afraid to call out Crossfitters and vegans alike. A man who stands on one hand and preaches “self dominance”.

There are so many videos and interviews with Ido online, and so the idea of Ido hits you before you meet the man himself.

Some of his most viral videos are full of some of the movements he perfected while growing up in Haifa, Israel. In these videos, you see this man who has these incredible body weight movements, a kind of dance type move that definitely are capoeira inspired. But it’s also more than his videos. The cult of Ido is also built on the way he speaks and his ethos. This is what really draws people in. There’s so many people I have had on the show that talk about movement and fitness, but no one really commands the type of respect that adulation that Ido does.

And I was very curious to find out why. As I said before, I’m a bit of a skeptic as I get to meet a lot of people for a living and I get to see who’s the real deal or not. And then Ido Portal shows up, dressed in all black with a backpack – what seems like all his earthly possessions in one bag and an intense travel itinerary. I asked him if he wanted to write a book or spread his message through social media and he just wasn’t interested in it. And this speaks volumes about Ido and the man he is. He sees writing a book as a static snapshot of how he was in the past and that he’s prefer us all to “walk with him, not behind him.” In the age of internet marketing and self-help gurus, Ido has no interest in publishing anything like this and more importantly thinks it is a poor way of communicating his ethos of movement.

Spreading the Ido Portal Method one person at a time

Ido knows that he needs more than a book to communicate what he feels about movement and that when people come to his two day seminars they often cry because he teaches them how to reconnect with their physical selves. This is increasingly important in a day and age where we spend a ton of time on computers or watching screens, separated from physical movement.

Ido reminds us that we are essentially animals and that we need to reconnect with our animal selves through movement. He’s also just a fascinating guy to listen to.

I was really quite moved by Ido Portal. He really just wants to spread his message in the most organic and genuine way possible. And anyway we can facilitate this, I support. So with this in mind I hope you enjoy this incredible episode with Ido.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Bruce Lee, and Roy Jones Jnr
  • Capoeira, Haifa, and the Gulf War
  • BJJ, CrossFit, and veganism
  • Paleolithic diet, and the best advice he’s ever been given
  • The advice he gives to younger generations, and his plans for the future
  • Georges St-Pierre, Rickson Gracie, and Anthony Pettis
  • Conor McGregor, Sébastien Foucan, and Timothy Shieff


00:00 | Trailer
01:20 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
11:35 | Brian’s Introduction
13:30 | What attracted Ido to Capoeira
14:50 | Ido describes life in his native Israel and home town of Haifa18:35 What effect compulsory military service has on young people
19:55 | The difference it makes when the threat to your life and country is more of a reality
20:47 | The effect on creativity of military service
22:25 | How the movement philosophy evolved
25:48 | A difficult transition from Capoeira,27:21 Why people attend his sessions and their reactions to the experience
28:57 | After achievement comes a realisation
35:18 | What happens in an Ido Portal seminar
40:03 | Besides learning movement technique what will students be learning about themselves
42:14 | Intelligent sensitivity to individual capability and pace of progression
46:15 | The Ido Portal movement philosophy is so much more than the attention grabbing handstands
48:46 | Dogmas, methods and goals
52:44 | Specialist teachers focus on a fitness goal rather than taking a movement layered approach
58:03 | How his movement message is spreading
59:40 | CrossFit a very positive phenomenon but centres on capacity rather than movement
1:03:27 | CrossFit with quantifiable patterns it doesn’t work with improving movement intelligence
1:05:30 | The best of the best MMA fighters are very good at finding this non-defined reality
1:08:01 | Movement as used by MMA fighters
1:13:27 | Dealing with the certainty of trauma, ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face’
1:16:43 | When he is not moving, what does Ido eat
1:22:41 | How is Ido coping with aging
1:25:10 | Anyone who is successful has made sacrifices in their life,1:28:31 How Ido is controlling the spread and keeping validity of his movement philosophy
1:31:37 | Why Ido has not so far written a book
1:32:50 | With no book and videos of one arm handstands, how can one start to do learn what to do
1:38:26 | Standing tables, treadmill desks, walking, even water can be overdone
1:39:04 | I still want to be the guy on the beach every day, moving and researching my body
1:41:21 | Is Ido a reluctant messiah
1:45:18 | Phone call to the 20 year old Ido Portal
1:46:31 | Best advice ever received
1:46:24 | What advice would you give to any twenty year old who wants to be like you in movement
1:48:47 | Brian’s summing up.


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