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Steve Maxwell - Mobility For Life


This week’s episode on London Real sees the return of strength and conditioning coach Steve Maxwell. If you were a fan of Steve’s last visit to London Real, you are going to come away from today’s episode even more inspired, motivated and loaded up with fresh knowledge. If this is your first experience of Steve, I urge you to put away your preconceptions – this guy will change how you think about health, fitness and happiness. We covered so much ground during this interview, including everything from breath control, marijuana, meditation and fitness, to how to control your thoughts. Steve is his own man. He doesn’t play by society’s rules. He just travels the world spreading his message of mind and body conditioning, and manifesting resources if and when he needs them. Some of the ideas you’ll find in this episode are going to surprise you. You wouldn’t expect an ex-army man, wrestler and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert to talk about ‘spreading good vibes’ or manifesting health through affirmations. But that’s Steve. He is not just open minded, he is absolutely a free thinker. He takes everything on its own merit, and he reveals how we can all do the same. One thing you should look out for in this episode is his chat about breath control and right breathing. Steve is convinced that all ill-health, disease and fitness problems have their roots in the mind, and much of his time is spent doing ‘inner work’ with his clients. Steve’s ideas on breath extend all the way back to his training with the Gracie family in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Workouts for Steve are not about performance goals and they should NEVER be a source of anxiety. As he tells me himself, Steve seeks to stay as calm as possible during his training. When our breath is out of sync, or we are breathing from the wrong place, we can literally shave years off our lives. This is why Steve focuses so much on the basics ‚Äì mindset and breathing. Without these fundamentals, according to Steve, our training is only going to do us damage. Steve is part drill-sergeant, part yogi and part wandering sage. He embodies so much of what we value here at London Real, particularly the necessity of thinking for yourself. Click Play to watch one of London Real’s favourite bad asses drop knowledge on everything from kettle bells to psychedelics.


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