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Watch > Episode > Lord Michael Farmer - From The City To Politics: The Role Of Religion And The Importance Of Family In Promoting Upward Social Mobility

Lord Michael Farmer - From The City To Politics: The Role Of Religion And The Importance Of Family In Promoting Upward Social Mobility


Businessman & Former Conservative Party Treasurer

Lord Michael Farmer is the businessman, philanthropist, former Conservative Party treasurer, and member of the House of Lords.

Starting his career as an account clerk, in the London Metal Exchange in 1963 at age 18, earning £8 a week, today he is one of the founders of the Red Kite Group, a metals trading and investment firm with $2 billion in assets.

In 2014, he became a Baron and took a seat in the House of Lords, and has been active in championing policies that strengthen families, fight homelessness and domestic abuse, and advocate prison reform.

He has also used his 50 years’ experience in the City, to inform good practice & new regulations for the financial markets, while also being a staunch advocate of Britain leaving the European Union.

His maiden speech in the House highlighted women’s homelessness, domestic violence and the challenges of social exclusion, while his vocal contributions to welfare and prison reform continued the tone of family stability and the impact and importance of stable relationships.

Informing his determination to bring about such change and strengthening that resolve was a shift in thinking that can only be characterised as a late in life understanding of the bigger picture and the providence of the natural world. Christianity may have come at the age of 35, but, it has been a moral compass and a comforting hand in the years since passed.

Lord Farmer is a man of integrity, warmth, humility and conviction. He believes in the greater good and the power of familial bond, and it was a pleasure to spend this time in his company. There is so much to discuss and extrapolate, not least the ongoing Brexit deliberations, the duty of peerage and the power of his closely held religious beliefs.

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1. I Am A Rock I Am An Island
2. The House Of Lords
3. The $900 Million Lesson Of Humility
4. God, Family And Then Job
5. Religion
6. House Of Lords And Religion
7. Genesis, Life Is A Strugle And Eternity
8. Prison Reform
9. Cultural Marxism
10. Brexit And EU
11. Family
12. Daily Practices
13. Faith And Tough Upbringing As Super Powers


00:00 | Trailer.
02:27 | Brian’s introduction.
03:27 | “I am a rock, I am an island”, why Simon and Garfunkel’s song resonates both with Lord Farmer and Brian.
09:09 | Government policies encourage the proliferation of family breakdown, affecting children, rather than strengthen family relationships.
09:51 | Effect of family relationships on prisoners reoffending and intergenerational criminality.
11:28 | The role of the British House of Lords.
17:43 | How Lord Farmer learnt the gift of humility.
21:25 | What it means to work in the City and how being a Christian influenced Lord Farmer.
30:12 | How Lord Farmer became a Christian.
42:20 | What it is like being a Christian in the House of Lords.
45:36 | Why does God allow such awful things to happen? Lord Farmer answers how he sees it and finds Christianity so freeing.
54:18 | How Breakdown Britain manifests itself and a project which seeks to mitigate the consequences.
1:01:22 | How an unresolved marriage breakup affects children.
1:04:25 | Lord Farmer’s work in prison reform.
1:10:58 | Does his present work feel like the best days of his life?
1:11:42 | Today’s woke society closes down the field of freedom of thought and speech.
1:17:29 | Social media companies now more powerful than Governments and they need challenging.
1:22:09 | Lord Farmer’s advice to Boris Johnson on Brexit final deal.
1:26:57 | The family unit in which he brought up his son George and his siblings.
1:31:50 | Lord Farmer’s thoughts on his daughter-in-law Candace Owens.
1:36:31 | Lord Farmer’s daily practices.
1:39:34 | What is his super power?
1:42:37 | Best and worst days of his life.
1:45:55 | What scares him.
1:48:36 | What we might be surprised to learn about Lord Farmer.
1:50:03 | What keeps him awake at night.
1:51:32 | Success secrets.
1:52:24 | Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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