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Watch > Episode > Steve Douglas - Homelessness During The Pandemic: The Work Of St Mungo’s & Rising Homelessness

Steve Douglas - Homelessness During The Pandemic: The Work Of St Mungo’s & Rising Homelessness


The CEO of St. Mungo's Charity

Steve Douglas is the CEO of St. Mungo’s, a charity dedicated to ending homelessness and helping rebuild the lives of those that have experienced time on the streets. Steve is extremely concerned about the welfare of homeless people, who have had a particularly tough time in 2020.

He has more than 25 years experience working in the housing sector and has held numerous Director and Chief Executive positions in a variety of housing-related roles and was awarded a CBE in 2019 for his services in this area.

He began his new role at St Mungo’s in July of this year, in what must have been an extremely challenging period, and has promised to further the ambition of St Mungo’s ‘No Going Back’ and ‘Home for Good’ campaigns.

St Mungo’s has played a key role in delivering the ‘Everyone In’ initiative. The ‘Everyone In’ scheme was designed to get every rough sleeper inside and safe from the virus. They managed 27 hotels as part of the emergency accommodation provided to support people during the pandemic first wave.

Additionally, St Mungo’s operates one of the largest outreach services in the country, offering a bed and support to more than 2,850 people each night , with the goal that “everyone has a place to call home and can fulfill their hopes and ambitions.”

At the beginning of the pandemic there was understandable concern regarding the huge numbers of homeless people on the streets in the UK.

Despite recent events, there was also concern around the economic impact and the prospect of more people being made homeless having lost their jobs and unable to pay rent and bills.

Join us as we will be talking to Steve about homelessness during the pandemic, the work of St Mungo’s, government support and hidden homelessness.

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1. There’s A Person Behind The Face On The Street
2. What The Past 5 Years Were Like For Steve
3. Dropping Homelessness To Almost Zero
4. Creating Long Term Housing
5. Why Communicating With Homless People Is Important
6. What Should You Do To Help Someone Sleeping Rough
7. What Can We Do To End Homelessness


00:00 | Trailer.
01:01 | Brian’s introduction.
01:50 | How London Real began to understand more about homelessness and sleeping rough on the streets.
03:06 | There is a person behind the face on the streets and the issues that brings them there.
05:37 | Helping each person, listening to each individual story, helping and supporting them is about humanity.
07:33 | Steve Douglas’ biggest challenge over last five years and into Coronavirus pandemic.
12:07 | Their long-term priorities.
14:11 | Long-term strategy to end homelessness.
15:21 | When all the agencies come together a difference can be made.
17:29 | The long-term nature of re-building lives.
22:44 | What should people do when walking past someone sleeping rough?
26:55 | What else people can do besides using the Street Link or contributing to the charities working in this sector.
29:16 | Can we end homelessness when anyone is just two pay cheques away from homelessness?
32:29 | Steve Douglas believes that together we can prevent homelessness and rebuild lives.
33:49 | Brian’s summing up.


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