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Dr John Demartini - When Your Destination is Clear It's Your Destiny


Polymath & World-Renowned Human Behavior Expert

“The magnificence of who you are far exceeds any fantasy you will ever impose upon yourself.”

On today’s episode we welcome back a former guest that has helped transform the lives of people all over the world through his remarkable understanding of the human mind and what forms our behaviours and actions.

Dr John Demartini is a polymath, bestselling author, philosopher and world-renowned human behaviour expert who has led a quite extraordinary life that has, in so many ways, informed his teachings.

Over his extraordinary career, Dr Demartini has been on something of a mission to empower individuals to master their own lives and destiny. His work encompasses a multidisciplinary understanding of the complexities underlying human actions, reactions, and interactions.

He delves into the intricate interplay of psychological, sociological, cultural, and neurological factors that shape human behaviour and possesses a keen insight into the motivations, emotions, and cognitive processes driving individuals and groups alike.

Over his extraordinary career Dr Demartini has amassed a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has marked him out as the preeminent thinker in the fields of life, business, finance, relationships, leadership tools and empowerment strategies.

His journey began with a commitment to synthesising the wisdom of the ages into practical tools for personal growth and empowerment. As the founder of the Demartini Method – a revolutionary tool in modern psychology – he has empowered countless individuals to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and unlock their full potential.

During the past five decades, Dr Demartini’s research has included an incredible 30,000+ books, the study of over 300 academic disciplines and 3,000 religions and spiritual philosophies and his teachings are a testament to a depth and breadth of human knowledge, distilled into actionable insights for personal transformation.

John emphasises the importance of authenticity, urging individuals to know, love, and appreciate their true selves – the source of their greatest potential and fulfilment. Rather than striving to fit into an idealised version, John stresses the importance of recognising your highest values and priorities.

By aligning your life with what truly matters to you, you unlock leadership, creativity, and progress in all aspects of life. Trust in your abilities and dreams, knowing that you possess the potential to achieve them. Listen to your heart’s wisdom, and use your mind to strategise and pursue your desired life.

Dr Martini believes that by avoiding comparisons with others and instead focusing on the vision within your own heart, you will find the why to dedicate yourself to a purpose larger than yourself, transcending limitations and realising your destined greatness.

His best-selling books, 43 in total, including ‘The Breakthrough Experience‘ have been translated into 40 languages, spreading his message of empowerment to a diverse range of cultures and communities.

Don’t miss this, it’s exactly the kind of tangible message we all need right now. With so much turmoil and negativity across the world, people feel more disillusioned and deflated than ever. However, with Dr Demartini’s advice, maybe you can unlock the door and to realise your fullest potential in life and beyond.

“Know Yourself. Be Yourself. Love Yourself.”

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  1. How to stop comparing yourself to others
  2. On the way, not in the way
  3. The five ‘P’s you want to have in your life
  4. How to get in touch with your true mission
  5. At the level of the soul, nothing is missing in us
  6. Everything is trying to get you authentic
  7. You’re either a victim of history or master of destiny
  8. You’re the villain in someone else’s story
  9. How to clear grief in hours
  10. This is going to shock you
  11. Gratitude is a confirmation of seeing what is
  12. Master life’s challenges with mindfulness
  13. How to design your life and not live by duty
  14. How to cure addicts in a second
  15. The secret strategy behind weight loss
  16. The magnificence of who you are far exceeds any fantasy you will ever impose upon yourself


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