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Watch > Episode > Tony Guoga - Poker Legend Tony G Talks Bitcoin, Blockchain & Freedom In Dubai

Tony Guoga - Poker Legend Tony G Talks Bitcoin, Blockchain & Freedom In Dubai


Investor, Serial Entrepreneur & Poker Legend

“I’m a serial digital entrepreneur, with a great understanding about the challenges which are coming for businesses operating in emerging technologies such as AI and the blockchain areas.”

Few people encapsulate the relentless nature and positive energy of the modern day entrepreneur quite like today’s guest. He’s a man who has spent his life challenging himself and others in a career that has included everything from poker to politics.

Antanas Guoga or “Tony G” as he’s better known, is a serial entrepreneur, business leader, former member of parliament in the EU and blockchain advocate who has travelled the world, creating business opportunities and driving innovation in every city he lands.

From his early days in Lithuania to his prominence in high-stakes poker, Tony G’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. At the age of 11 he moved to Melbourne, Australia amidst the collapse of the former Soviet Union. He juggled school with various jobs, including repairing sewing machines, washing cars, and cutting grass.

Facing the challenges of many a teen before him and since, Tony found himself lacking direction before a chance opportunity at a mortgage broker lit a spark around money and finance that blazes to this day.

Tony of course most famously rose to prominence as a world-renowned poker player, captivating audiences with his outlandish table talk and strategic prowess. Throughout his illustrious career spanning 11 years at the top tables on the circuit, Tony competed in some of the biggest tournaments worldwide, earning significant victories and accolades along the way.

Tony was known as a serious trash-talker at his peak, and has been described as “not easy to deal with” at the table, but something that also made him one of the most loved and popular poker players with fans, while his bullish nature offered a clear psychological advantage against countless opponents.

Tony racked up considerable wins and huge sums of money, but always harboured interests beyond the casino floor and with an instinctive head for business put his financial spoils to good use.

Tony founded which quickly went on to become the largest poker media outlet in the world. Some years later he also set up following the same successful template and trajectory.

Beyond this, Tony serves as the CEO of Cypherpunk Holdings, a cryptocurrency investment firm that was among the first listed companies to hold Bitcoin on its balance sheet.

Cypherpunk Holdings aims to provide investors with actively risk-managed Bitcoin and crypto investments that outperform comparable indexes of cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies. Embracing the Cypherpunk Manifesto, which advocates for privacy in the digital age, the company has positioned itself to thrive in an emerging decentralised, permissionless, and anonymised society.

Tony’s foray into the crypto space actually began around 2013 when he made a series of early investments concentrated on infrastructure and as a seasoned poker player, he found the transition to crypto and Bitcoin natural, given the prevalence of digital transactions in that realm..

As a politician, Tony was elected as a member of the European Parliament for Lithuania where he advocated for structural economic reform and championed initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and digital literacy among the youth. And in 2020, Tony was elected to the Labour Party Group in the Lithuanian National Parliament.

“I know how much money to put into something, how to model possible outcomes of events, and manage risk. Poker is about understanding what hand others have and what people are thinking about you.”

Tony has a keen belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology, and his bold vision and relentless pursuit of excellence have cemented his legacy as a trailblazer in poker, business, and politics.

Believe it or not, this only just scratches the surface, Tony is one of those guys who never stops and is always looking for an opportunity. His commitment to helping others shines through, and his determination to inspire a new generation of young entrepreneurs is something that drives him on a daily basis.

I can’t wait for this. Tony is switched on and full of energy, ideas, and the kind of wisdom you only get from having been there, done it, and worn the t-shirt. Make sure you tune in for this as it’s going to be an epic conversation full of valuable insights for any budding business person, investor, and of course poker player.

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