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Todd Herman - The Alter Ego Effect: How To Activate Your Heroic Self

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Have you ever used an alter ego?

Todd Herman helps ambitious people do hard things.

And he’s damn good at it! Over the years he’s helped thousands of people achieve their goals by teaching them to become more resilient, creative, confident, and courageous.

Todd knows the mental performance game better than anyone. His execution and mindset strategies and systems are used by businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and athletes around the world.

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The Alter Ego Effect

His latest book “The Alter Ego Effect” is a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and it teaches people how to activate their Heroic Self to achieve high performance.

I really appreciated how honest and open Todd was. We went deep on what happened to him during his childhood, the traumatic experiences he’s had to work through and what it was like battling with depression as a young person.

Todd Herman an incredible guy and I find his methods absolutely fascinating. I know you’re going to love watching him.

Join us as we discuss:

  • David Goggins, Sacha Fierce, and Superman
  • Theta, Alpha, and Beta brain waves
  • Walter Peyton, Geronimo, and Tony Robbins
  • Grit, the playful mind, and the flow state
  • Kamaru Usman, Michael Venom Page, Kobe Bryant
  • Kill Bill, Mr. Rogers, and Hugh Jackman
  • His children, the heroic self, and dyslexia
  • Malcolm Gladwell, Cicero, and Benjamin Franklin
  • H.A. Dorfman, plant-based medicine, and depression


00:00 | Trailer.
02:51 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:04 | Brian’s introduction.
05:00 | Todd’s views on London,
06:37 | Why the concept of his book is not only interesting but crucial.
35:08 | The number of alter egos he has in his life.
44:16 | Which type of ego to adopt first.
1:06:36 | Todd’s dislike of the saying “fake it until you make it”.
1:25:13 | Why Brian decided to do a TED talk.
1:26:19 | Wearing uniforms to feel the part you want to channel.
1:30:40 | Todd talks about depression from his personal experience.
1:38:03 | When Todd was able to talk about his sexual abuse and start processing what happened to him. 2:00:33 What is next for Todd including why he is writing children’s books.
2:06:48 | Todd’s daily habit.
2:11:43 | What is Todd’s superpower.
2:16:40 | Best day of his life.
2:17:49 | What scares him.
2:18:50 | What we would be surprised to learn about Todd.
2:20:27 | What keeps him awake at night.
2:22:12 | Is he worried about the future of the world?
2:23:48 | Success secrets.
2:24:20 | Brian’s summing up.


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