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Dan Ariely - Predictably Irrational


Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Economics at Duke University

Dan Ariely is a world renowned behavioural economist, and three-time, New York Times best-selling author. He assert that humans are not as rational as we think we are, yet this irrational behaviour is also highly predictable. He is a Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University and his TED Talks has been viewed over 10 million times. Dan’s latest book – “Small Change – Money Mishaps and How To Avoid Them” delves into the truly illogical world of personal finance.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:19 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:41 | Brian’s introduction.
05:15 | Levels of honesty in different cultures.
10:41 | It is very easy to corrupt people; how our level of honesty is affected.
22:16 | Success secrets
22:50 | Terribly painful experience of extensive burns changed and taught Dan a lot.
28:10 | Pissed off with mother’s choice of university study for him and what motivates Dan now.
30:41 | Dan’s interests and background in other subjects affect his studies of human nature.
31:29 | Financial experiment illustrates his motivation to find solutions to help humanity.
44:18 | What worries Dan about the “Tinder type world” effect on relationships.
48:49 | Start-up company relationships compared to human relationships.
49:59 | Why a comedian co-wrote ‘Small Change: Money Mishaps and How to Avoid Them’.
54:40 | Fascinating money: how we think about it, fallacies around it, what to do with it.
56:31 | Conundrum of monthly pay increase versus an equivalent annual bonus.
58:35 | The hot emotional button of ‘FREE’
1:01:55 | How he maintains such a busy, varied, workload.
1:02:48 | Focus now on healthcare, trying to get people to eat better and exercise.
1:09:33 | Powerful phone call to the 20-year old Dan Ariely.


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