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Watch > Episode > Lord Alan Sugar - We Need To Get Everyone Back To Work: Why My Employees Have Returned to the Office

Lord Alan Sugar - We Need To Get Everyone Back To Work: Why My Employees Have Returned to the Office


British business magnate, former political adviser, and host of The Apprentice

Lord Alan Sugar is the iconic British business magnate, former political adviser, and host of the long running and hugely popular boardroom-based reality show, The Apprentice.

A man whose very name is synonymous with the archetypal rags to riches story, Lord Sugar started out in life from a humble background, selling electrical wares out of the back of a cheap van. His entrepreneurial instincts served him well and he soon founded his own company Amstrad, importing and exporting consumer electrical goods, before venturing into manufacturing.

In 1980, Amstrad was listed on the London Stock Exchange, seeing huge profits and a sharp upturn in value on a yearly basis, and off the back of this success with his opportunistic nose for business and a pioneering spirit, he launched the Amstrad CPC 464 8-bit home computer, something that inaugurated Lord Sugar’s personality into the public consciousness.

Today, Lord Sugar’s interests range far and wide. His Amshold business empire which includes a property arm Amsprop, a digital advertising company Amscreen and the investment vehicle Amsvest, among a portfolio of concerns.

In recognition of his industrious nature and entrepreneurial acumen, Lord Sugar was knighted in 2000 while his life peerage duly arrived in 2009 and afforded a deeper role in the political landscape that proved a welcome outlet for his forthright and strongly held wider views.

He has twice served the government as Enterprise Champion in 2009 and 2016, where his propensity for spotting young talent, and strong commercial concepts has allowed young business leaders to emerge and benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

Of course, for many Lord Sugar is simply the star of the reality TV show The Apprentice, where hopefuls pit their wits against one another in a boardroom battle that has captured the imagination of the viewing public for the last fifteen years. It is Lord Sugar’s no-nonsense, straight talking approach that has seen huge ratings and multiple awards as recognition.

To underline his success in the role, he is currently filming the Australian version as celebrity names assemble.

The world needs people like Lord Sugar, people whose spirit and hunger is undeterred in even the most testing circumstances.

As the pandemic has raged across the globe, Lord Sugar has been quick to remind us that those that can must get up and get out, encouraging those who can return to work to do so for the sake of the economy and seeking opportunity despite the challenging conditions.

His antipathy towards the mainstream media and the constant alarmist cycle of daily news seems well judged, with his warnings about the impact of allowing ourselves to become a nation of stay at home workers serving as a stark reminder of how quickly things change.

Experienced, outspoken and determined, Lord Sugar has an energy and enthusiasm that shows no sign of abating and it is an honour to have the opportunity to probe this enterprising mind.

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1. Focus In The Face Of Adversity
2. Inspirations And Getting Started In Business
3. Building A Business In This Time
4. Most Valuable Traits In Business
5. First Lockdown, Getting Back To Work, And Inadequate Policing
6. Lockdown 2.0
7. Media Pandemic Fear Mongering
8. How The Government Has Handled The Pandemic
9. London Mayoral Elections And The Labour Party
10. Knife-crime And The Police Force In London
11. The Office Environment Going Forward
12. Amscreen Digital Advertisement Screens
13. The Apprentice And Helping Other People Make Money
14. Growing Up And Family
15. The Future And Personal Questions


00:00 | Trailer.
02:40 | Brian’s introduction.
03:47 | Lord Sugar’s philosophy in the face of adversity.
05:14 | The adversities he faced when building his business in the 1980s compared with today’s
07:23 | Where his inspiration came from without today’s access to self-help books and videos..
10:19 | The business opportunity he missed.
11:41 | His advice to the current generation of entrepreneurs.
14:32 | The key thing he looks for in the contestants on his show The Apprentice.
16:31 | Why Lord Sugar advocates getting back to work.
24:02 | His thoughts on the role of mainstream media, Piers Morgan, Donald Trump, CNN and Fox News in the current situation..
28:31 | Lord Sugar’s thoughts on the role of the Government, local Mayors and the Labour Party.
34:11 | His thoughts on knife crime in London and Police reform.
37:20 | The future of real estate and huge office blocks in London currently empty whilst employees work from home.
41:28 | Lord Sugar’s vision for Amscreen.
43:08 | The Apprentice, why it is successful and makes good television.
48:11 | He remembers his school life and what he learnt from his parents.
51:20 | What the next five years hold for him.
52:49 | Lord Sugar’s superpower.
53:43 | The best and worst days of his life and bringing up children in a wealthy family
57:04 | What scares him.
57:36 | What we would be surprised to learn about Lord Sugar.
58:30 | What keeps him awake at night.
58:40 | Success secrets.
59:21 | Brian’s summing up.


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