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Magnus Walker - Porsche Hunter


For Magnus Walker an obsession with the Porsche 911 started back in 1977 at the Earl’s Court Motor Show. Since, he’s become the world’s most prolific collector, film location scout and clothes designer with his flowing dreadlocks, beanie hat and powerful beard.

Now based in Los Angeles, Walker was born in Yorkshire. Drawn to an American Dream of sorts he leapt at the opportunity to work at Camp America outside Detroit in 1986. He quickly abandoned Detroit for the west coast, making his way to LA, looking for work. It was there that his career took an unexpected turn.

After being able to make a quick profit selling a pair of PVC trousers to a punk rocker, who in turn asked for eight more pairs, he knew America could deliver on it’s promise of prosperity in the accidental career choice of clothes design. By the 90s Walker had his own brand, Serious Clothing, championed by the likes of Madonna and Alice Cooper.

His other business venture, a film location company, started in a similar way in 2011. After a business called looking to film a music video at his Serious Clothing Warehouse. And where do the Porsches come into this? Well, one never forgets their first love and for Walker, his first love was smell of gasoline and the smooth shaped bodywork of the 911. With business running solidly he could concentrate on his dream, the ultimate Porsche 911 collection.

Since then, opportunity has come knocking once again. A documentary, screen-time on Jay Leno’s Garage show and the boyhood dream of a visit to Porsche in Stuttgart fulfilled. Magnus Walker’s story is the real story of finding opportunity and running with it. Watch it, this Sunday, on London Real.


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