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Oliver Proudlock - Made In Chelsea


Oliver Proudlock is English designer, model, and reality TV star who gained mass popularity on the show “Made In Chelsea”. Oliver has a background in art, fashion and music and founded the fashion label, Serge DeNimes.

In this London Real episode, Oliver joins host Brian Rose in studio to discuss the genesis of his clothing line, the best and worst moments of being in Made in Chelsea, his vision for the future of fashion and more.

Born on October 21, 1988, in England, Oliver Proudlock’s passion for fashion ignited at an early age. After studying Fine Art at Newcastle University, Proudlock decided to pursue a career in the creative realms that blended his artistic sensibilities with his love for fashion.

Proudlock rose to widespread recognition when he joined the cast of the reality TV series “Made in Chelsea” in 2011. His distinctive style, characterised by an eclectic mix of streetwear and high fashion, quickly caught the attention of viewers and set him apart as a fashion influencer.

Building on his newfound fame, Oliver Proudlock ventured into the fashion industry, establishing himself as both a designer and entrepreneur. In 2012, he co-founded the fashion brand Serge DeNimes, a contemporary urban label that reflects his distinctive aesthetic. The brand fuses streetwear with luxury elements, showcasing Proudlock’s commitment to creating accessible yet stylish clothing.

Serge DeNimes has gained a loyal following, with collections featuring a blend of statement pieces and wardrobe essentials. Proudlock’s creative direction and hands-on approach to design have contributed to the brand’s success and its ability to resonate with a diverse audience.

Beyond fashion, Oliver Proudlock has extended his creative pursuits into various ventures. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, he has collaborated with renowned brands and artists, showcasing his versatility and passion for artistic expression.

Proudlock’s collaborations span diverse industries, including art, lifestyle, and technology. His ability to seamlessly blend fashion with different creative spheres reflects his commitment to exploring new avenues and pushing boundaries.

In addition to his fashion brand, Proudlock has launched several creative projects, including a line of distinctive eyewear. His keen eye for design and commitment to authenticity have made his ventures stand out in the competitive landscape of the creative industries.

Oliver Proudlock’s influence extends beyond traditional channels, with a significant presence on social media platforms. As an avid user of Instagram, he curates a feed that not only showcases his personal style but also provides followers with glimpses into his diverse interests and creative endeavours.

Proudlock’s engagement with his audience goes beyond fashion; he shares insights into his travels, art discoveries, and entrepreneurial ventures. This approach has solidified his status not just as a fashion influencer but as a well-rounded creative personality with a genuine connection to his followers.

In addition to his contributions to the creative and business realms, Oliver Proudlock is actively involved in philanthropy and social impact initiatives. He has supported various charitable causes, using his platform to raise awareness and funds for organisations dedicated to positive change.

Proudlock’s commitment to making a positive impact aligns with the evolving expectations of influencers in the digital age. By leveraging his influence for social good, he demonstrates a sense of responsibility and a desire to contribute to causes that matter to him and his community.

Oliver Proudlock’s journey from a reality TV personality to a successful entrepreneur and fashion influencer is marked by creativity, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity. Through his brand Serge DeNimes, creative collaborations, social media presence, and philanthropic efforts, Proudlock continues to shape and influence the worlds of fashion and business. As a dynamic and multifaceted personality, he remains an inspiration for those seeking to carve their own path in the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and style.


00:00 | Trailer
01:33 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
08:21Brian’s Introduction
08:56 So much more to the Oliver Proudlock than seen in Made in Chelsea12:48 Effect of divorce on a young boy
14:50 Influence of New York positivity
16:55 Going to Eton
23:20 Journey into the art world
29:27 Newcastle and its people
36:59 Genesis of Oliver’s clothing business
38:40 What Denim means to Oliver
40:53 First foray into social media
43:35 You can’t just love it, you have to live it
44:38 Getting Denim into the collection
46:34 Oliver gets a call from the Made in Chelsea show
54:36 What is the Made in Chelsea show
59:01 How does the direction work
1:01:13 Worst and best moments of being in Made in Chelsea
1:06:06 People’s mistaken perception of him and his lifestyle from the show
1:11:16 Why do people like Made in Chelsea so much
1:13:27 Moving away from the show
1:14:45 Having a brand and keeping up with new social media platforms
1:16:03 Thoughts on state of art and fashion now
1:19:14 In the future, does any type of a brand have to be art, fashion and music ethos and doesOliver need to be all those things
1:21:41 How hard is it to make money in the fashion business
1:23:35 The lure of New York
1:25:06 Life with Emma Connelly
1:26:00 Fitness routine
1:33:28 Success secrets
1:34:12 Make a phone call to the 20 year old Oliver Proudlock what would you tell him
1:35:36 Best advice ever received
1:36:45 What would you tell the 20 year old creative out there wanting to be like Oliver Proudlock
1:38:12 Brian’s summing up.


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