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Oliver Proudlock - Made In Chelsea

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Oliver Proudlock is English designer, model, and reality TV star who gained mass popularity on the show Made In Chelsea. Oliver has a background in art, fashion and music and founded the fashion label, Serge Denimes.


00:00 | Trailer
01:33 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
08:21Brian’s Introduction
08:56 So much more to the Oliver Proudlock than seen in Made in Chelsea12:48 Effect of divorce on a young boy
14:50 Influence of New York positivity
16:55 Going to Eton
23:20 Journey into the art world
29:27 Newcastle and its people
36:59 Genesis of Oliver’s clothing business
38:40 What Denim means to Oliver
40:53 First foray into social media
43:35 You can’t just love it, you have to live it
44:38 Getting Denim into the collection
46:34 Oliver gets a call from the Made in Chelsea show
54:36 What is the Made in Chelsea show
59:01 How does the direction work
1:01:13 Worst and best moments of being in Made in Chelsea
1:06:06 People’s mistaken perception of him and his lifestyle from the show
1:11:16 Why do people like Made in Chelsea so much
1:13:27 Moving away from the show
1:14:45 Having a brand and keeping up with new social media platforms
1:16:03 Thoughts on state of art and fashion now
1:19:14 In the future, does any type of a brand have to be art, fashion and music ethos and doesOliver need to be all those things
1:21:41 How hard is it to make money in the fashion business
1:23:35 The lure of New York
1:25:06 Life with Emma Connelly
1:26:00 Fitness routine
1:33:28 Success secrets
1:34:12 Make a phone call to the 20 year old Oliver Proudlock what would you tell him
1:35:36 Best advice ever received
1:36:45 What would you tell the 20 year old creative out there wanting to be like Oliver Proudlock
1:38:12 Brian’s summing up.


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