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Magnus Walker - Urban Outlaw


Fashion Designer & Car Collector

Do you love automobiles? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to collect passionately customise cars?

Magnus Walker has made his living doing just that. In this London Real episode, we sit down with this fashion designer and car collector to discuss his love for vintage Porsche vehicles, interest in custom car design, and autobiographical film Urban Outlaw. Read on for more information on Walker’s fascinating journey from car enthusiast to professional fashion designer to media sensation.

Who Is Magnus Walker?

Born in Sheffield in 1967, Walker showed an early interest in Porsche cars. This began when he was 10 years old because his father took him to a motorshow and showed him, for the first time, a Porsche 911. As a child, he was so fascinated with the vehicle that he wrote to Porsche asking for employment. To his parent’s surprise, Porsche responded and said that he should reapply when he finished his studies.

Unfortunately, this never happened. He dropped out of school, and because he wasn’t getting anywhere in the UK, he immigrated across the pond to Detroit and Los Angeles. It was here that he wound up becoming a fashion designer and selling his custom designs created from inexpensive secondhand clothes.

After launching his company, he met fashion designer Karen Caid. They teamed up to become unstoppable and, eventually, fell in love and were married. After 15 years in the fashion industry, both Walker and his wife left the fashion arena, leading Walker to pursue his true passion: Porsche cars.

Areas of Interest

Over the years, Walker had developed an impressive collection of vintage Porches. This collection has grown into a $7.5 million behemoth today, but at the time it was already fairly sizeable. That’s why he was approached in 2012 and asked by a Canadian filmmaker if he wanted to be the subject of a film on car collecting.

Wanting to share his passion, Walker agreed. The film, called Urban Outlaw, became a sensation that ultimately earned him the nickname. This is especially interesting since ‘Outlaw’ has long been used as a word to describe Porsche cars- it wasn’t a nickname assigned to Walker at all.

Nevertheless, it stuck, and he was given the publicity and resources that he needed to continue growing his collection and bonding with other auto enthusiasts.

Interview Highlights

In Walker’s interview with London Real, he discusses many aspects of his life story, including the book that he wrote. However, he also provides an inside look at his passion and helps us to understand why his soul lies with Porsche.

Not only does Magnus Walker show off his collection in our interview, but he discusses his love affair with Porches. Since this has spanned over 40 years, there’s a lot to tell.

He also talks about why he has kept his passion as a hobby rather than an occupation. Porsche passion and the role of the community play a part in this relatable tale of fervor and love. Additionally, he talks about why he considers himself to be the ‘Urban Outlaw’ and why he deeply identifies with a nickname that was originally not meant to be associated with him.

If you’re interested in a raw tale of a man, his passion, the book he has written, and the wife and muse that he deeply loved, this London Real episode is for you.


00:00 | Trailer
01:46 Brian and Magnus meet up again at Lexigon Porche garage
03:01 Magnus’ 40 year love affair with Porche cars
04:35 The continuing soul, character and shape of the iconic 1964 911 Porche
06:28 What Magnus meant by Porche passion in Urban Outlaw documentary
08:45 Porche community diverse but united in its passion
10:17 Keeping his passion as a hobby rather than a business, following his dream
12:02 Why he defines himself as the Urban Outlaw and what influences the design of his cars
14:29 How Magnus’ childhood in Sheffield shaped the path he has taken in life
16:47 Re-living super car memories
24:04 Magnus took his aggressive street driving to the track and is looking forward to Le Mans 2017
31:29 Sixties cars representative of that adventurous era,32:57 America enabled Magnus’ to achieve in diverse spheres and his life continues to evolve
37:12 1973 RS Carrera, its modifications and the future for Porche cars
44:43 The 277 hot rod car
51:39 Why Magnus wrote his book which reflects on his life’s journey and realising his dream
58:24 Inspiration from design, fashion and music on his car designs
1:06:16 Well over £1,000,000 Porche 993 GT2 is essentially a turbo on steroids
1:10:06 The next chapter in Magnus’ life, making his own decisions, unafraid to do it his way
1:13:51 Freedom is being able to do whatever you want to do
1:17:56 The loss of his partner Karen to whom his book is dedicated
1:20:27 Magnus sees travel to new inspiring locations as the next part of his journey
1:21:23 Brian’s summing up.


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