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Magnus Walker - Urban Outlaw



00:00 | Trailer
01:46 Brian and Magnus meet up again at Lexigon Porche garage
03:01 Magnus’ 40 year love affair with Porche cars
04:35 The continuing soul, character and shape of the iconic 1964 911 Porche
06:28 What Magnus meant by Porche passion in Urban Outlaw documentary
08:45 Porche community diverse but united in its passion
10:17 Keeping his passion as a hobby rather than a business, following his dream
12:02 Why he defines himself as the Urban Outlaw and what influences the design of his cars
14:29 How Magnus’ childhood in Sheffield shaped the path he has taken in life
16:47 Re-living super car memories
24:04 Magnus took his aggressive street driving to the track and is looking forward to Le Mans 2017
31:29 Sixties cars representative of that adventurous era,32:57 America enabled Magnus’ to achieve in diverse spheres and his life continues to evolve
37:12 1973 RS Carrera, its modifications and the future for Porche cars
44:43 The 277 hot rod car
51:39 Why Magnus wrote his book which reflects on his life’s journey and realising his dream
58:24 Inspiration from design, fashion and music on his car designs
1:06:16 Well over £1,000,000 Porche 993 GT2 is essentially a turbo on steroids
1:10:06 The next chapter in Magnus’ life, making his own decisions, unafraid to do it his way
1:13:51 Freedom is being able to do whatever you want to do
1:17:56 The loss of his partner Karen to whom his book is dedicated
1:20:27 Magnus sees travel to new inspiring locations as the next part of his journey
1:21:23 Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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