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Magnus Walker

Nicknamed the Urban Outlaw, Magnus Walker is a British fashion designer, author and car collector. Spending much of his time since childhood being fascinated with Porsches, he now customises vintage Porsches. His obsession with the Porsche 911 started back in 1977 at the Earl’s Court Motor Show. Since, he’s become the world’s most prolific collector, film location scout and clothes designer with his flowing dreadlocks, beanie hat and powerful beard.


  • Born – July 7, 1967, Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Spouse – Karen Ann Caid Walker (m. ?–2015)
  • Height – 1.82m
  • Best known for – His TED Talk, Go with your gut feeling
  • Book:
    • Urban Outlaw: Dirt Don’t Slow You Down

Go With Your Gut Feeling

Now based in Los Angeles, Magnus Walker was born in Yorkshire. Drawn to an American Dream of sorts he leapt at the opportunity to work at Camp America outside Detroit in 1986. He quickly abandoned Detroit for the west coast, making his way to LA, looking for work. It was there that his career took an unexpected turn.

Urban Outlaw

After being able to make a quick profit selling a pair of PVC trousers to a punk rocker, who in turn asked for eight more pairs, he knew America could deliver on it’s promise of prosperity in the accidental career choice of clothes design. By the 90s Walker had his own brand, Serious Clothing, championed by the likes of Madonna and Alice Cooper.

Serious Clothing led to him opening up a second business focused on film locations and eventually he had enough success to start up his third business – his beloved Porsche collection leading to him being dubbed The Porsche Hunter.

Magnus Walker’s story is one of hope and the American dream and even if you are not a car person Magnus’ journey is as interesting as they come.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Being a lone wolf and the key to success
  • Hexagon Classics, Le Mans, and Gran Turismo
  • Why following your gut is the only option in lifeAngeles Crest
  • Highway, Ace Café, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Why he never over thinks any design
  • His love for the 911 Porsche
  • Jackie Stewart and J Barbour and Sons
  • What his definition of freedom is
  • Champion Motorsport, Ford GT40, and the Pomona Swap Meet
  • Carroll Shelby, Ed Roth, and John Watson
  • Go With Your Gut Feelingand Alice Cooper.

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