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Margarita Nazarenko - Miss Universe


Miss Universe runner up, actress and model Margarita Nazarenko talks to the boys about winning the genetic lottery, how she admits to being codependent, why she hates auditioning, how Einstein would cope in a beauty pageant, and the biggest mistake men make when approaching girls.


“I feel so bad for the girls behinds the scenes that are having head games run on them by Margarita.” – Brian (1:07)

“So when you come in a room they’re like this, straight away….it’s burns!” – Margarita (02:28)

“Basing your whole career around something that ultimately comes down to being a winner in the genetic lottery is a vacuous existence?” – Nic (05:22)

“I don’t like that you have to audition all the time. I love auditioning but can you image being a banker and having to interview for a different bank every day?” – Margarita (08:21)

“Men are more visual, right?” – Nic (09:29)

“If Einstein got to travel to a different country and stay in a cool hotel and experience life for a couple of weeks and for a few hours a day he had to count some stamps…” – Margarita (11:45)

“Is it Michael Fassbender? Because that’s who I want to be.” – Brian (12:17)

“Brian we don’t talk about Sydney.” – Nic (17:42)

“I’m like codependent as a person.” – Margarita (19:05)

“I get weird man saying ‘Oh baby nice’ but I don’t get an attractive normal guy.” – Margarita (21:06)

“The hottest girls in Thailand are the Ladyboys, let’s be honest.” – Brian (35:48)

“She just looked like the life was sucked out of her…all joy and personality.” – Margarita (43:32)

“What is the biggest mistake guys make when it comes to approaching girls?” – Brian (45:43)

“You actually smacked my girlfriend in her ass at one point.” – Brian (47:13)
“This has been a very different episode of London Real.” – Nic (47:53


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