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If you’re interested in learning how to become an activist where you live, there’s no shortage of inspirational people to look to. Read on to learn more about how you can get involved in the things you’re passionate about through activism.

What is an Activist?

A true activist is passionate and concerned about a specific topic like human rights, the environment, or equality. At London Real, we speak to a wide range of activists who care about the important things happening in our world. From equality for women to veganism, we’ve sat down with a variety of people who are the true definition of an activist.

Rose McGowan is an author, activist, and former actress who’s passionate about the now-famous #metoo movement. We spoke with Rose and she talked to us about a variety of topics including how she’s dealing with the Harvey Weinstein scandal head-on. Her unique insight is inspiring women around the globe to stand up, fight, and be counted.

How to Become an Activist

If you’re interested in becoming an activist, it’s crucial to pick a cause that’s personal and meaningful to you. Whether you love animals and care about animal cruelty or you’re interested in fighting for human rights, here is how you can get involved.

  • Show up: Make sure you go to local protests and other events related to your cause. Just by showing up, you’re joining other voices and making your presence known.
  • Volunteer: When you volunteer, you’re giving your time and effort to work toward a common goal. Volunteering can include outreach to the local community or helping others in your community who need it. This simple act can have a ripple effect that helps others for years to come.
  • Get engaged: Look for organisations that relate to your activism, and join up. When you join a coalition of like-minded activists, you’re strengthening your voice and making sure that it’s heard.

The Human Rights Activist

The issue of human rights is one that propels many activists to act. London Real spoke to Justin Wren, an MMA fighter and activist who has raised an impressive amount of money to build wells for the pygmy people of the Congo in Africa.

Justin doesn’t just raise money for his cause; he also gets hands-on and visits the Congo on a regular basis. This kind of hands-on activism is what makes a true activist able to prove that anything can be accomplished through dedication and hard work.

Be the Change

If you want to know how to be an activist that makes a difference, look to the people featured at London Real for inspiration. From veganism to water issues and more, these causes are something that you can get involved in to help make a difference.


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