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Graham Hancock - Ancient Apocalypse: The Most Dangerous Show On Netflix


Author & Journalist

Today’s guest is one of our most popular interviewees in 10+ years of broadcasting and someone I know all of you will be delighted to see back in the studio. He is a man who has dedicated over thirty years of his life to researching, exploring and deliberating some of the world’s biggest questions.

I am of course talking about the intrepid journalist, filmmaker and bestselling author Graham Hancock. Graham’s career started over 40 years ago in the hustle and bustle of Fleet Street as a writer for many of Britain’s leading newspapers including The Times, The Guardian, The Observer and The Independent where his attention focused mainly on stories of economic and social development. 

In the late 70s, he became co-editor of the New Internationalist magazine before a stint as the East Africa correspondent for The Economist. It was an all-consuming role and for Graham it seemed his life’s journey had been mapped. But, as he travelled a less well-trodden path exploring parts of the world many never come to see, he began to notice things that didn’t quite stack up.

Standing in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza, shadowed by this 6 million tonne structure standing 481ft high – Graham began to consider the scale of such an architectural wonder and the version of history that offers up such an unsatisfactory explanation for its presence.

It would be fair to say it was the start of a life’s work like no other. To say his interest had been piqued would be an understatement. Graham began a long and arduous journey into the unknown, exploring, questioning, and investigating everything we know about the history of the planet we call home. From ancient civilisations, stone monuments and megaliths, to astrological data from the past, and altered states of consciousness.

“I hate it when there’s just a single narrative that says this is the truth and there is no other. I started to look into it in depth, could there be something missing from the story of our past?”

Graham’s writing career exploded as evidence and artefacts mounted up. As an author, to date he has written 26 books, including the international bestsellers “The Sign and The Seal”, “Heaven’s Mirror”, “Fingerprints of the Gods” and the 2015 sequel “Magicians of the Gods”, all of which have sold more than five million copies worldwide, and been translated into 27 languages.

At the heart of Graham’s argument and the thing that has caused the most controversy with archaeologists and conventional thinkers alike is that between 12,800 years ago (10,800 BC) and 11,600 years ago (9,600 BC) a huge cataclysmic event took place that destroyed everything in its path, including an incredibly advanced ancient civilisation.

It questions everything we know and have been led to believe. It is the source of great consternation among archaeologists and has divided Graham from many of the mainstream outlets at which he once worked.

It is also the starting point for his latest venture, the fascinating Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse which has become an enormous hit in the 5 weeks since its release. Graham takes viewers on a journey through some of the most important historical sites on the planet to delve deeper into the evidence and bring to life thirty years of research and exploration. It has featured in the top ten most-watched shows in 31 different countries and has become the source of much discussion and debate online.

I’m really looking forward to discussing this and much more. Graham is a wealth of knowledge and thought-provoking ideas. His understanding of plant medicine and ayahuasca saw him become a pioneer in the West as he propagated its now widely accepted virtues.

As on every other occasion, I can’t wait to sit down with Graham and take a deep dive into the history we know and the history we don’t.

“Our past belongs to all of us. And everybody whether they’re an academic or the man in the street, they have something to contribute to the theory of our past.”


Watch the trailer for this exclusive video interview with Graham Hancock:

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  1. We have lost an episode of our story
  2. Astronomy, architecture and The Pyramids
  3. Wikipedia is not serving an honest approach to my work
  4. Archaeologists see me as a threat
  5. They are calling me a racist
  6. They are afraid to debate me
  7. Thoughts on younger archaeologists
  8. There’s so much of the world that archaeology has never looked at
  9. The mystery underneath The Pyramids
  10. A massive cataclysmic event
  11. The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis
  12. Is Ancient Apocalypse the most dangerous series on Netflix?
  13. They don’t want any competing narratives
  14. Politicians should try Ayahuasca
  15. Will Netflix want a sequel to Ancient Apocalypse?
  16. Ancient Apocalypse brings it all together


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