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Gaur Gopal Das - Energise Your Mind: A Monk’s Guide To Mindful Living


Indian Monk, Author & Filmmaker

Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian Monk, lifestyle coach, motivational speaker and author who has racked up over a billion views on social media, thanks to his inspiring and heartfelt words of wisdom, stemming from his 26 years of experience living spiritually at an Ashram in the city of Mumbai.

Gaur has almost 5 million followers on his hugely successful YouTube channel, but it is quite some journey from a career working as an electrical engineer for Hewlett Packard. Yes, that’s right, Gaur started his adult life in much the same way so many of us do, by following the well-trodden path of post-graduation work life.

That’s about as typical as it gets for Gaur though, as it’s his life as a Hindu Monk that has become his life story and made him known to millions of devoted fans around the world. Gaur has a keen sense of humour and awareness of the big wide world that really resonates with people of all ages and has made him such a popular figure.

He has travelled the world, embracing different cultures and ideals, speaking to the young and old, charities, businesses, governments and even the United Nations has sought his wisdom and guidance on more than one occasion.

As an author, Gaur’s words have reached a new audience, with his bestseller “Life’s Amazing Secrets”, which focused on how to find balance and purpose, and his second book “The Way of the Monk” which outlines the four steps to peace and lasting happiness.

His latest offering, “Energise Your Mind: A Monk’s Guide to Mindful Living”, delves deep into how the mind works, explaining with his typical easygoing energy how to understand and then discipline our mind in such a way that it works for us and contributes to our well-being. Interspersed are recollections and experiences from his own life to illustrate that even the highest spiritual practitioners succumb to doubt and negativity on occasion.

“Each of our journeys is unique; we have different ambitions along the way. But what unites us is that we all want the destination to be a happy, fulfilling life. I believe this journey starts by energising the mind.”

It’s a fascinating read, packed full of information and concrete advice alongside practical exercises and routines that will improve your life, little by little. I’m really looking forward to this – Gaur is someone I’ve been keen to speak to for some time, and I know that for many of you this conversation will bring the kind of takeaways you’ve been crying out for.

Gaur is a fantastic communicator, mixing humour and honesty with sound advice and the kind of reassurance that all of us need at times. So, be sure to tune in and remember,

“Take charge of your mind, stay in charge of your life.”

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  1. Is there a purpose to life?
  2. I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care
  3. Be a lion at the chase, but a lamb at home
  4. I want to serve people
  5. We live in a game of narratives
  6. Social media and dealing with FOMO
  7. Meeting Sophia, the robot
  8. How to silence the mental chatter
  9. How to stop worrying and get rid of anxiety
  10. Fixing anxiety by opening your heart
  11. How to fight depression and win
  12. Does Karma exist?
  13. Don’t lose the opportunity to reconcile
  14. How to not live in guilt
  15. How to react to criticism like a superhero
  16. This is the key to holistic wellbeing
  17. Let’s be human let’s be kind


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