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David Goggins - Can't Hurt Me

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00:00 | Trailer
02:51 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:05 Brian’s introduction
04:56 David’s impressions of London
06:02 Why David found it harder to write his book than achieve the hard, physical feats he is famous for
10:19 Why the truth is so important
11:38 Most people quit at 40%
14:37 How to stop fooling yourself, get out of your comfort zone and really face the challenge
21:08 What made him loose weight to get into the Navy SEALS
23:28 Wasting your time is a sin and David felt that one day he would have to atone for his sin
27:25 David visualised what he could be if he worked hard enough
33:24 Your brain is the most powerful weapon
40:45 The passion that drove him through the pain of SEAL training
43:45 What he means by being uncommon amongst the uncommon
48:29 At mile 70 David had his most powerful experience
58:34 People put a title on me to give themselves a get out of jail free card
1:01:33 It is not always in the physical that a new perspective can be found
1:05:12 Why David is now teaching others how he learnt to control the demons in his mind
1:09:12 How he felt writing his book revisiting the negativity of his tough upbringing
1:15:21 He believes he was meant to have his life experiences in order to teach others
1:18:07 Why he self-published, turning down publishers offers and what makes the audio edition so different
1:21:21 The accountability mirror and the cookie jar
1:24:08 David will never rest on his laurels
1:28:40 David’s challenge to everyone
1:29:36 Success secrets ‚Ķ1:30:13 ‚Ķ1:30:44 Brian’s summing up.


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