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Chris Eubank - English


Chris Eubank, the legendary British boxer, has carved out a legacy as one of the most iconic and enigmatic figures in the sport’s history. Known for his flamboyant personality, distinctive fighting style, and a career marked by both triumph and controversy, Eubank’s journey transcends the confines of the boxing ring.

In this fascinating London Real episode, Brian Rose steps into the ring with the one and only Christopher Livingstone Eubank. In what is possibly one of the compelling episodes in London Real history, we get an uncompromising portrait of the great icon and legend of British boxing.

There are no half-measures in boxing. In a sport that pushes the human body to its absolute peak, it’s all or nothing every day. Eubank is a man that has experienced high performance on a scale few of us could dream of, and in this revelatory conversion, we hear the story from both inside the ring and outside it.

Eubank is a gentleman, as sharp and as vivid a storyteller as there is, sharing with signature poetic eloquence a biography forged in blood, sweat and perseverance. From poverty and trouble in school, to the top of his game his story is one of greatness.

Born on August 8, 1966, in London, Christopher Livingstone Eubanks’ early life offered little indication of the remarkable path he would soon embark upon. Raised in tough neighbourhoods, Eubank’s journey into boxing began as a means of self-defence. His natural athleticism and discipline quickly set him apart, paving the way for a career that would captivate the world.

Chris Eubank’s rise to prominence commenced in the late 1980s when he burst onto the professional boxing scene. His unique fighting style, characterised by a defensive approach and a powerful uppercut, proved to be a formidable combination. Eubank’s success in the middleweight division culminated in a historic victory over Nigel Benn in 1990, solidifying his status as a world-class boxer.

Eubank’s move to the super middleweight division marked a period of unparalleled dominance. His confrontations with Michael Watson, another British boxing legend, added to the drama and intensity of his career. Eubank’s relentless pursuit of greatness culminated in multiple world championships, making him a revered figure in the global boxing community.

Beyond his boxing prowess, Chris Eubank’s eccentric personality contributed to his widespread appeal. His unique fashion sense, characterised by tailored suits, monocles, and an unmistakable charisma, set him apart from the traditional image of a boxer. Eubank’s interviews were often as entertaining as his fights, with eloquence and self-assurance becoming hallmarks of his public persona.

While Eubank’s career was marked by triumphs, it was not without its controversies. The rematch with Nigel Benn, labelled as the “Judgement Day,” ended in a draw amidst much debate. Eubank’s controversial demeanour, including his famous disdain for handshake rituals before fights, fueled both admiration and criticism. Despite the polarising opinions, Eubank’s impact on the sport remained undeniable.

As Eubank transitioned into retirement from professional boxing, he remained a prominent figure in the public eye. His foray into the world of entertainment included appearances on reality television shows, showcasing yet another facet of his multifaceted personality. Eubank’s ability to reinvent himself beyond the boxing ring contributed to his enduring popularity.

Chris Eubank’s legacy extends beyond the titles he won and the opponents he faced. His impact on British boxing is profound, inspiring a new generation of fighters and capturing the imagination of fans worldwide. Eubank’s willingness to be unapologetically himself, both inside and outside the ring, contributed to his lasting influence on the sport and popular culture.

Chris Eubank’s journey from the streets of London to the pinnacle of boxing represents a remarkable chapter in the sport’s history. Beyond the accolades and controversies, Eubank’s legacy is a testament to his indomitable spirit, unapologetic individuality, and enduring influence on the world of boxing. As fans reflect on the career of this eccentric trailblazer, Chris Eubank’s place among the boxing greats remains secure, and his impact continues to resonate in the annals of sports history.


00:00 | Trailer
02:26 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:07 | Brian’s Introduction
06:41 | Tell them you feel great
09:00 | Act it and show them you mean it
11:16 | Acting great without the manners, is trouble
12:57 | Constant analysis of his aspirational persona as a respected warrior
15:43 | The qualities of the warrior going into the boxing ring
19:58 | Developing ways to gain respect and a desire to be called English
25:03 | Early days in New York
27:26 | Nelson Mandela’s example of how a great man can show humility
31:10 | The Pale Blue Dot
35:51 | Why Chris Eubank would like to debate with Stephen Fry following his statement about God
48:31 | Being a fighter, justice becomes part of you
49:25 | His response to the public perception that a fighter cannot be against violence because they put those two together
51:49 | There’s nothing you can’t do, you just have to mean it
55:09 | How he overcame areas where he knew he was at a disadvantage
57:40 | What happens on the night, only determined by what you have done months and years before
1:01:17 | Rivalry with Nigel Benn who was terrifying
1:03:24 | Temptation of another fight with Nigel Benn
1:03:24 | View of Mayweather v Pacquiao fight
1:09:44 | His bottom line is in the ring
1:10:53 | Movement is a key ability
1:13:14 | Taking punishment, continuing to fight knowing you will not win, but then winning
1:15:16 | How did he win that first fight with Michael Watson
1:16:08 | After a knockdown, jumping back up with something in him to put behind one punch
1:24:36 | The aftermath of that punch which created a blood clot on Watson’s brain
1:29:44 | What it is about Michael Watson that inspires Chris
1:31:19 | How that fight affected Chris
1:36:17 | Adopting a unique style
1:37:50 | Winning the hearts of people when he was losing fights
1:41:29 | Participating in documentaries and what he tries to convey when speaking publically
1:48:11 | Chris’ part in his son Chris Eubank Jnr becoming a boxer
1:50:26 | Is Chris happy his son is a boxer
1:51:59 | Why did he once say “Boxing is a mugs game and I will not promote boxing because it is barbaric”
1:51:42 | It is what you project
1:53:00 | Chris recalls the quote attributed to Nelson Mandela
1:54:11 | It is our light within that most frightens us
1:56:13 | How does a sportsman deal with retirement
1:58:00 | The apt Desiderata quotation
1:59:31 | Committing to memory quotations which resonate with him and using them to inspire others
2:02:28 | Success secrets
2:03:15 | I don’t like fame, I love it
2:06:07 | In 10 years, what will Chris be advocating for those who want to make it in what they want to do
2:10:01 | Does he still box
2:11:00 | Brace yourself Brian
2:13:02 | Phone call to the 20 year old Chris Eubank
2:16:16 | He is a harsh critic of himself
2:16:59 | Best advice he ever received
2:19:55 | Advice to the 20 year old watching
2:20:44 | Brian’s summing up.


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